Classroom Weather Chart

A classroom weather chart is a visually appealing class decoration and an excellent educational tool that can facilitate learning in several domains, including science, mathematics, critical thinking, and environmental awareness. The chart can encourage students to actively observe the weather conditions, develop their analytical skills, and foster a deeper connection with the world around them. … Read more

Purposeful Puzzles for Grades PreK-4 by TREND enterprises

DirectionsCreate engaging puzzles on just about any topic. Punch out the pieces from the bulletin board set or cut a poster or learning chart into the number of desired pieces. To make the U.S. Map Puzzle more challenging, you could cut apart the individual states or make small groups of states. Laminate all pieces for … Read more

Why Leaves Change Color Mini Bulletin Boards by TREND enterprises T-8602

Keep the theme going: T-38192 Photosynthesis Learning ChartT-38119 Water Cycle Learning ChartT-80017 Fall Leaves Discovery™ TrimmersT-80015 Mossy Forest Discovery™ TrimmersT-79294 Kelly Green 4″ Venture Ready Letters®T-79252 Natural Elements 4″ Venture Ready Letters®T-72402 Black-Eyed Susans Note PadT-46177 Fall Leaves superSpots® Stickers

LYNX When Earth Moves – Science Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

Physical ScienceVibrations (from sound, light, earthquakes, etc.) move in waves at different speeds and have different wavelengths. Life ScienceAnimals process, react to, and store information from the environment. Links to Reading/Language Arts Comprehension Compare and ContrastComprehension Main Idea and DetailsVocabulary Synonyms and AntonymsPhonics/Word Study Dipthongs/Compound WordsText Feature Cross-Sectional DiagramsLiterary Analysis Character TraitsNonfiction Genre Interview Vocabulary … Read more

LYNX Maximum Sports – Science Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

Physical ScienceThe motion of an object can be described by its direction and speed. Motion can be measured and represented on a graph. Earth ScienceGravitation is a force that determines both where a ball will land and the path of the planets around the sun. Links to Reading/Language Arts Comprehension InferenceVocabulary Parts of SpeechPhonics/Word Study … Read more

Rocks and Minerals: The World Beneath Our Feet – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Lead students in a discussion about the elements of nonfiction, including the text organization used by the author. You may wish to distribute copies of the Comprehension Master on p. 58. Vocabulary Activity: Word RelationshipsMaterials: glossary wordsHave students work in pairs to look for relationships among the glossary words. Ask them to choose … Read more

Landforms – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Have students tell which landform they find the most interesting and explain why they chose it. You may wish to distribute copies of the Comprehension Master on p. 46. Vocabulary Activity: Draw the MeaningMaterials: glossary words, colored pencils or markersHave students select 6–8 words from the glossary that they can depict in a … Read more

Changing with the Seasons Mini Bulletin Boards by TREND enterprises T-8251

Fadeless paper, double-stick tape, hook and loop dots, dowels, yellow cellophane, fiberfill, and clothespins. Keep the theme going: T-69038 Lively Leaves Desk Toppers® Name PlatesT-68001 Fall Leaves Name TagsT-72309 Four Seasons Note PadT-73330 Lively Leaves Incentive ChartT-580 Seasons and Holidays Stinky Stickers® Variety Pack

A Smiling Salad – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Talk about what happened in the book. Review children’s pre-reading predictions. Ask children if they were surprised by the ending. Have children think about vegetables they would and would not put in a salad. Response ActivitiesSalad RecipesMaterials: paper, crayons, salad ingredients, bowlLet children view the available ingredients and think about their own secret … Read more

Pond Life Mini Bulletin Boards by TREND enterprises T-8601

You’ll need:T-8601 Pond Life MiniBulletin Board SetT-8005 Blue Water Discovery™ TrimmersT-80020 Birch Bark Discovery™ TrimmersT-8714 Calendar & Special Days MiniBulletin Board Set Fadeless paper, blue cellophane, paper fasteners, artificial grass and cattails, and double-stick tape. Keep the theme going: T-38183 Exploring Fish Learning ChartT-69020 Frog Pond DeskToppers® Name PlatesT-68008 Fun Frogs Name TagsT-63314 Frog Pond … Read more

Data-Collection Mini-Books Science, Math, and Social Studies by Scholastic SC-0439580633-958063

Each of the 15 mini-books encourages children to use active learning and hands-on experiences as they construct knowledge about the world. A lesson for each mini-book provides step-by-step support for guiding children in conducting their research and analyzing data, to create books that they can revisit again and again. Children not only learn about specific … Read more

Science Vocabulary Readers Set Wild Weather by Scholastic SC-0545015987-501598

The program is flexible and easy to use in the classroom. Among the helpful features are the following:• a tiered storage box that makes the titles easily identifiable• six copies of each book, allowing for both independent reading and group instruction• this guide to support and enhance your teaching plans• two student reproducibles for each … Read more

Ecosystems – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Return to the information from the Before Reading activity. Have students add additional facts for each ecosystem. You may wish to distribute copies of the Comprehension Master on p. 106. Vocabulary Activity: Group StoryMaterials: glossary wordsHave students use glossary words to create an oral story. One student begins by using a glossary word … Read more

Archeologist Activity Worksheet by Harcourt Achieve Inc

Look back at the words in bold type. Use clues in the story to figure out the meaning of each word.Write each word on the line next to its meaning._______________ 1. a narrow opening, caused by a split or crack_______________ 2. scattered fragments or remains_______________ 3. questionable; suspect_______________ 4. a hollowing or carving out_______________ 5. … Read more

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