ClassDojo guide for teachers, parents, and students

ClassDojo is a platform that many K-8 schools are using. This guide will help you understand ClassDojo and why it is so popular.

ClassDojo: Connecting Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Students for Learning

In an increasingly digital world, education has been revolutionized by technology. ClassDojo is an educational technology platform that aims to improve communication and engagement between teachers, students, and parents in a school setting. Initially founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo has become a staple in classrooms worldwide, enhancing communication, engagement, and collaboration among schools, teachers, parents, and students.

Overview of ClassDojo:

ClassDojo offers a range of tools and features designed to foster a positive classroom culture, enhance student learning, and keep parents informed about their child’s progress. It aims to create a more interconnected learning experience by bridging the gap between classroom activities and home environments. The platform operates through a website and a mobile app, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless interaction.

ClassDojo Highlights for Schools and Teachers:

  • Classroom Management: Teachers use ClassDojo to manage their classrooms by assigning students positive or negative points (called “Dojo Points”) for behavior, participation, and other activities.
  • Behavior Tracking: It helps teachers track student behavior trends over time, which can aid in identifying areas for improvement and celebrating positive behaviors.
  • Messaging: Teachers can communicate with parents through messaging features, sharing updates, assignments, and important announcements.
  • Photos and Videos: Teachers can post pictures and videos of classroom activities, projects, and events, allowing parents to see what their child is doing at school.
  • Portfolios: ClassDojo can be used to create digital portfolios showcasing student work, progress, and achievements over time.

How Schools Benefit:

Schools leverage ClassDojo to create a digital ecosystem that promotes transparency and cooperation. ClassDojo enables schools to streamline communication, making it easier for administrators to share important announcements, event updates, and school news. It can serve as a hub for school-wide initiatives and provide a centralized platform for educators, parents, and students to connect and collaborate.

Empowering Teachers:

ClassDojo is a multifaceted tool that enhances classroom management, instruction, and teacher engagement. One of its primary functions is real-time behavior tracking and reward systems. Teachers can award students points for positive behaviors like participation, teamwork, or helping others. This gamified approach fosters a positive classroom culture and encourages students to develop valuable skills beyond traditional academics.

Additionally, teachers can share updates on classroom activities, assignments, and announcements through the platform. They can post photos, videos, and notes to showcase students’ work and highlight learning moments. This enables parents to gain deeper insights into their children’s education and daily experiences.

ClassDojo Highlights for Parents:

  • Communication: Parents can receive real-time updates on their child’s behavior, achievements, and activities in the classroom, helping them stay connected to their child’s education.
  • Messaging: Parents can communicate directly with teachers through the messaging feature, enabling them to ask questions and get updates.
  • Visibility: ClassDojo gives parents a window into their child’s daily school life, allowing them to see photos, videos, and messages from the classroom.
  • Engagement: Parents can provide positive reinforcement and encouragement at home based on the feedback and information shared on ClassDojo.

Engaging Parents:

ClassDojo transforms parent-teacher communication by offering a consistent channel for updates and discussions. Parents can access the platform to receive real-time updates on their child’s academic progress, behavior, and accomplishments. This level of involvement allows parents to actively support their child’s learning journey actively, reinforcing positive behaviors and promptly addressing challenges.

Furthermore, parents can engage in conversations with teachers through private messaging. This open line of communication facilitates dialogue about their child’s needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. Parents can provide more targeted support at home by clearly understanding their child’s educational experience.

ClassDojo Highlights for Students:

  • Behavior Recognition: Students receive positive reinforcement through Dojo Points, promoting good behavior and participation in class activities.
  • Visual Feedback: The platform allows students to see their progress and behavior trends, fostering a sense of responsibility for their actions.
  • Digital Portfolio: Students can view and reflect on their work and accomplishments in their digital portfolios.

Empowering Students:

ClassDojo places students at the center of their educational journey by encouraging active participation and self-awareness. Through the platform, students can track their progress, set personal goals, and reflect on their achievements. The reward system reinforces a growth mindset, where students learn that effort and positive behavior lead to success.

Moreover, the interactive nature of ClassDojo can help shy or introverted students express themselves more comfortably. They can share their thoughts questions, and work with their peers, building their confidence and communication skills.

ClassDojo Privacy and Security:

Given the sensitive nature of educational data, ClassDojo strongly emphasizes privacy and security. The platform complies with various regulations, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the United States. Personal information is securely stored, and parents control what information is shared.


ClassDojo’s impact on modern education substantially reshapes how schools, teachers, parents, and students collaborate and communicate. The platform creates a more enriching learning experience for all parties by fostering community, transparency, and engagement. It bridges the gap between classroom and home, facilitating a continuous student support and growth cycle. As technology continues to reshape education, ClassDojo is a testament to the positive possibility of digital tools in fostering meaningful learning environments.

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