10 Qualities of a Good Teacher

10 tips for being a memorable teacher!

A good teacher develops and improves throughout their career. So here are some qualities for each of us to be the best teacher we can be:

1. Empathy 

Empathy to place oneself in the students’ place to better understand their doubts and problem areas; the better we know our students, the better we can help them face obstacles in learning.

2. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm about what they do and motivating students with their words and actions; it shows if a teacher is enthusiastic.

3. Patience

Patience with all students: A teacher needs patience for students who have difficulty learning and students who can finish their schoolwork quickly and might find themselves bored.

4. Creativity

An exemplary teacher must be creative both in the way they attract students’ attention and how they present their knowledge by making unique and memorable as well as captivating lessons.

5. Dedication

Dedication to their profession and the work they do. A good teacher is interested in communicating and laying a foundation that lasts a lifetime in their students; the desire to excel in learning, regardless of the number of students per class or the cognitive, cultural, social, or economic differences.

6. Respect

Respect for themselves, their classmates, students, and parents. If there is something that teachers should keep in mind, they are role models for each of their students, who constantly observe how they act, speak, move, respond, or dress.

7. Flexibility

Every class has its own dynamics. When a teacher is faced with an extraordinary situation or problem, the teacher must be able to change and find a way for all students to comprehend the concept they are currently explaining.

8. Consistency

Consistency in their rules, actions, and decisions. A good teacher must know how to set understandable and consistent norms and rules in their classroom environment. They must exert the authority that their position grants them without falling into authoritarianism, which would detract from their credibility and alienate their students. For example, if a teacher does not allow the students to snack or chew gum, then the teacher should not snack or chew gum either.

9. Humility

No matter how hard a teacher tries, none of us are perfect, and we, as any person, can make mistakes. However, a good teacher must be able to recognize their mistakes, admit them and apologize. That is a quality that will always favor the teacher, increasing the children’s trust since they will see the teacher for what they are, another human being.

10. Self-responsibility

The way a teacher manages their own responsibilities tells their students a lot about them and can influence students’ educational journey. Children and, more specifically, classroom students are building a learning foundation that lasts a lifetime. Therefore, showing how to be responsible is one of the most important jobs a teacher has to do. That is why a responsible teacher arrives on time, prepares for the lessons, motivates their students, is creative and can communicate well, is attentive and patient, and always looks for the best for all of their students.

A good teacher is one that children will remember with affection and gratitude many years later after they have left that teacher’s classroom.

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