Best Paper Products for Schools K-12

Paper products are commonly found in K-12 schools and provide various options for art projects, classroom decorations, presentations, and other educational activities.

Here's an overview of the types of paper products commonly used in schools:

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  • Bulletin Board Paper Rolls: These are large rolls of colorful paper for decorating bulletin boards. They come in various vibrant colors and are often used to create backdrops, borders, or displays.
  • Card Stock: Card stock is a thicker and sturdier paper for making flashcards, greeting cards, posters, and other craft projects. It is available in different weights and colors.
  • Chart Tablets: Chart tablets are large pads of paper mounted on a stiff backing, commonly used for creating charts, graphs, and diagrams. They are often used during presentations or for classroom instruction.
  • Construction Paper: Construction paper is a heavyweight, colored paper that is widely used in arts and crafts activities. It is available in various colors and is commonly used for cutting, gluing, and folding projects.
  • Craft Paper: Craft paper is a versatile paper product used for various art and craft activities. It comes in different textures, colors, and patterns and is suitable for drawing, painting, origami, and other creative projects.
  • Drawing Paper: Drawing paper is a medium-weight paper with a smooth surface ideal for sketching, drawing, and coloring. It is available in different sizes and can be used with various art mediums such as pencils, markers, or pastels.
  • Easel Pads: Easel pads consist of large sheets of paper attached to a cardboard backing. They are designed to be used on easels for presentations, brainstorming sessions, or collaborative activities. The sheets can be easily torn off and shared.
  • Finger Paint Paper: Finger paint paper is a heavyweight paper specifically designed for children's finger painting activities. It has a coated surface that prevents the paint from soaking through, allowing young children to explore art using their fingers.
  • Handwriting Paper: Handwriting paper, also known as primary or manuscript paper, features pre-printed lines to help children practice handwriting skills. It typically has larger line spacing and a dashed line to guide letter formation.
  • Loose Leaf Paper: Loose leaf paper refers to individual sheets of paper not bound in a notebook. It usually has a horizontal ruling and is commonly used for writing assignments, note-taking, and homework.
  • Newsprint: Newsprint is a low-cost, lightweight paper commonly used for printing newspapers. It can be used in art classrooms for sketching, preliminary drawings, or large-scale projects.
  • Note Pads: Note pads consist of multiple sheets of paper, usually glued or spiral-bound at the top. They are convenient for jotting down quick notes, reminders, or to-do lists.
  • Poster Board: A poster board is a sturdy, heavyweight paper for creating large posters and signs. It comes in various colors and is often used for school projects, presentations, or displays.
  • Presentation Boards: Presentation boards are tri-fold display boards made of thick, lightweight cardboard. They are commonly used for science fair projects, presentations, or showcasing artwork. The surface is suitable for attaching visual aids and written content.
  • Sketch Pads: Sketch pads are book-like pads of paper with heavyweight sheets, ideal for drawing, sketching, and practicing artistic techniques. They often have a spiral binding or hardcover, allowing easy flipping and protection for the artwork.
  • Tag Board: A tag board is a thick, heavy piece of paper or cardboard that is often used for making signs, labels, and bookmarks. It is durable and can withstand handling and frequent use.
  • Tissue Paper: Tissue paper is a lightweight, delicate paper often used for art and craft projects such as paper mache, collage, and gift wrapping. It is available in various colors and can be easily crumpled or folded.

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