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A guide to our teacher store so you can find the best school supplies for K-12 teachers. Our store is categorized into various areas, each serving different purposes in the classroom. Here’s a quick breakdown of what these materials are used for:

  • Teaching Aids: These tools and materials help teachers present information, enhance learning, and engage students. Examples include whiteboards, interactive displays, charts, posters, flashcards, models, and manipulatives. Our collection of teaching aids includes classroom materials (such as nameplates, stamps, and pocket charts) and yearly must-haves (such as graders and progress reports). Teachers use these aids to enhance or revitalize classroom education.
  • Classroom Decorations: Shopping for the best classroom decorations is easy at We understand that each teacher’s classroom design has unique aspects. These decorations and designs not only look great, but they also help reinforce lessons. Ornaments are used to create a visually stimulating and welcoming environment for students. Posters, banners, bulletin board sets, and decorative borders are commonly used.
  • Teacher Resources: These materials assist teachers in planning and executing lessons effectively. It may include lesson plan books, curriculum guides, assessment materials, and professional development resources.
  • Office & Teacher Supplies: These supplies are essential for teachers to manage their administrative tasks and maintain an organized workspace. Items like pens, pencils, markers, notepads, binders, folders, staplers, and desk organizers fall into this category.
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies: These materials facilitate creative projects and artistic expression in the classroom. Common arts and crafts supplies include colored paper, scissors, glue sticks, markers, paints, brushes, and craft kits.
  • Paper: Various types of paper are used in classrooms, including printer paper, construction paper, graph paper, lined paper, and specialty papers for specific projects.
  • Student Incentives & Motivators: These supplies are meant to reward and motivate students for their academic achievements and positive behavior. Examples include stickers, stamps, certificates, and small rewards or prizes.
  • Games: Educational games are used to make learning fun and interactive. Board games, card games, puzzles, and educational software are commonly used in the classroom. 
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  • First Aid, Health & Safety: Teachers must be prepared for minor injuries and health concerns in the classroom. First aid kits, hand sanitizers, tissues, and safety equipment are essential.
  • Audio/Visual: Audio/visual equipment is used for multimedia presentations and to enhance the learning experience. It includes projectors, speakers, audio systems, and visual aids.
  • Furniture & Equipment: Classroom furniture and equipment provide students with comfortable and functional learning spaces. Common examples include desks, chairs, bookshelves, storage cabinets, and learning centers.
  • Classroom Technology: This category includes electronic devices and software to enhance teaching and learning. Examples include computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards, educational software, and digital projectors.

Each school supplies play a vital role in creating a conducive and effective learning environment, helping teachers deliver engaging lessons and supporting student growth and development.