76 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

We hope you love fall decorating as much as we do! Here are some of the favorites, and with 76 fall bulletin board designs, we are sure you’ll find one to inspire you this season!

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Fall is an exciting time, the first sign of harvest fun, crafts, and decorating as the weather starts to cool off from the heat of summer, and the time finally arrives to open the windows and doors to outdoor activities and outings.

And for some reason, that crisp fresh air can also mean fresh decorating in the classroom! (wink wink, we LOVE all classroom decorations) Fall classroom bulletin boards and crafts are one of our favorite themes. It’s always fun to see how other teachers decorate and find fun plays on words for the autumn season. In addition, Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving crafts are a fantastic way to usher in the holiday season. We see many creative autumn bulletin boards, fall arts, and craft projects for children of all ages adorn walls and decorate classroom doors and tables in school and at home.

Let’s get inspired and explore some of our favorite creative fall decorations.

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1. Hello Fall Classroom Poster

These bright fall posters are great for hanging around the classroom or adding to a fall bulletin board.

2. Happy Fall Gnomies

Cute fall gnomes with unique hats can be a fun classroom activity to excite students for fall festivities.

3. Leaf Through A Good Book

An autumn bulletin board theme to boost the love of reading. The students can add the titles of books they have read to a leaf and place them on the tree as an incentive to increase their craving for reading new books.

4. Apple Tree Bulletin Board Craft

Teach a student to spell their name with this fun apple craft. This adorable learning craft and classroom activity will have your students spelling in no time.

5. Hello Fall Banner

Dress up any classroom space with fun “Hello Fall” banners to welcome the seasons. Incorporate a banner at the door or holiday bulletin board decorations in your classroom.

6. Leaves are Falling Autumn is Calling

Create an adorable Boho Theme with these light fall colors and clever fall sayings. Autumn decorations don’t have to be pumpkins and leaves; rainbows can fit any time of the year.

7. Happy Fall Y’all

Incorporating fun sayings into classroom decor can liven up a room. Adding crafts to the classroom decorations makes for a mini art gallery like these student-made shape pumpkins.

8. Learning is A-MAIZE-ING

Source: @j.mckenzieself

Bring a bright, cheerful scarecrow with a cute play on words that will turn your fall classroom decorations into something AMAZING.

9. Feast On A Good Book

Source: @fmlibrarygators

Feeding the mind with good books is encouraging for students. In addition, reading school-nominated books to compete for a prize adds fun and incentive to reading.

10. Caught In A Web Of Learning

Source: @azurastar

Creating a math spider craft is a classroom activity for students. However, incorporating a math activity into the classroom bulletin boards is just innovative.

11. Hello Pumpkin Bulletin Board

Take a simple salutation and make them trendy. For example, giving texture and color to a bulletin board will add a fun twist to the fall season.

12. Love Our Patch

Source: @farrah_daycare

Nothing says fall like pumpkins and colorful leaves. Creating a classroom bulletin board with a pumpkin patch is a beautiful way to include each student in decorating the classroom. Create pumpkins as a class craft activity to make a patch full of unique pumpkins.

13. Our Reading Patch

Using reading activities as classroom decoration can be a brilliant way to encourage the love of reading. For example, creating a display of pumpkin book reports on the classroom board is such a confidence booster. Allow students to share their craft and the findings in their book as part of the classroom board all fall season.

14. Autumn Leaves & Kindness, Please

Always embrace an opportunity to spread kindness. This cute rhyme encourages students to be kind during a season of thankfulness and giving.

15. We Are Nuts About You

Playful squirrels are here to show how “nuts” you are for your students. Personalizing each acorn by adding students’ names will add a sweet touch.

16. Math News Leaves Bulletin Board

Source: @msmelfieducates

Helping fall into great math habits from the start of the school year. Add fall leaves, pumpkins, and acorns with math problems to display students’ excellent work on the class bulletin board.

17. Fall In Love With Learning

Source: @missk_alldayy

Love Learning is a perfect sentiment for any season. Using pumpkins or leaves to adorn the classroom bulletin board and display student names on the accents will add a personal touch.

18. Hello, Fall Door Decoration

Source: @thatdiyteacher

Coordinating matching fall classroom doors and bulletin board decorations creates a delightful fall theme throughout the classroom.

19. Teamwork Leaves You Smiling

Students love to see their names displayed positively on the bulletin board or classroom door. It creates a sense of a team in the class and encourages students to work together. Incorporating the students’ names on leaves demonstrates how wonderful it is to work together.

20. We Are The Pick Of The Crop

A scarecrow watching over the best harvest of pumpkins is a great way to show your class how wonderful they are. Using craft paper to construct a tree with falling leaves adds depth to the bulletin board.

21. Historias de Otoño

Source: @educamariaa

“Stories of Fall” bulletin board turned writing exercise. This exercise can have students write about their favorite fall outing, memory, tradition, or summary of their favorite fall book.

22. This Class is FAB-BOO-LOUS!

Source: @misskrikorian

Creating an inviting Halloween bulletin board is a great way to bring fun to the classroom. Using Halloween figures such as ghosts, pumpkins, and monsters with students’ names adds a great personal touch.

23. Our Class is Unbe”LEAF”able

Show off how “unleafable”/unbelievable your class is with a fall leaf-themed bulletin board to display their excellent work.

24. We’re Nuts About Reading

Creating a fun classroom board to encourage reading is a way to display all the fun books read throughout the fall season. Add book titles and students’ names onto each acorn and see how many acorns are on the board by the end of the fall.

25. Fall into a good book!

Add a creative fall twist to student book reports by decorating the classroom bulletin board. For example, create leaf-shaped or acorn-shaped cutouts for an imaginative book report design.

26. Pumpkin Spice Everything Nice!

Never miss an opportunity to spread kindness. Encourage students to be kind with this thoughtful activity. Each student writes what “being nice means” to them.

27. Grateful Hearts Gather

Sometimes inspirational messages are just what your classroom bulletin boards need. Decorate bulletin boards with fun, colorful posters to brighten the classroom.

28. Recycle Autumn Bulletin Board

Source: @samhains_witch

Reusing packing materials or supplies students bring from their homes or find around the school will make a beautiful fall bulletin board. Teach students that not everything needs to be new; it’s great to reuse and recycle.

29. Lil Pumpkins Bulletin Board

Create a pumpkin patch for the classroom! Incorporate a fun “Pumpkins are…” Activity to get students excited about fall and Halloween.

30. Jumping Into Fall

Including student pictures on a bulletin board is always so exciting for them. Listening to the excitement when they find their picture brings such joy. Students jumping into a pile of leaves is an adorable demonstration of “Jumping into Fall.”

31. Fall Into A Great Book

Fall-themed books can be so much fun to read. This classroom board decorated with an autumn tree, falling leaves, and books blowing around is a great way to inspire the love of reading.

32. The Pick Of The Patch

Source: @sendyteaches

Class decorated pumpkin crafts piled high in the red truck to decorate the farm-themed bulletin board is a fun way to move through the fall season.

33. Phonics Fall Sight Words Word Wall

Nothing says fall like brightly colored leaves; brightly colored leaves. Create a cozy and seasonal feel for any classroom.

34. Get Caught In A Good Book

Halloween books can be so much fun to read. A cute Halloween bulletin board theme with books caught in the spider web. Whether scary or funny, there is always a perfect way to share the joy of reading.

35. Leaves are Falling Autumn is Calling

Source: @justnoely

Fall leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones are a sure sign of fall. Create a beautiful bulletin board using a variety of fall accents.

36. A Latte Learning Happens Here

So much fun with this play on word slogans adding to a fall bulletin board. Hang a student decorate a personalized latte cup on the bulletin board. This excellent classroom activity adds plenty of fall fun to their day.

37. Our Class Is Unbe-Leaf-Able Classroom Door

Source: @chelseainsped

Add a different element to your fall classroom door design, such as a farmhouse shiplap look with fall leaves and a cute message, and all who pass know your class is exceptional.

38. Fall-o Through In All You Do

Bulletin boards with encouraging messages help reinforce good habits such as checking work, keeping your word, and seeing a project through.

39. Fall Is Llamazing

Incorporating different animals into a fall bulletin board is a fun and original idea. Adding a fall saying to a cute llama design is a crafty idea for a fall bulletin board.

40. Reading Leaves Me Smiling

Finding creative ways to encourage reading is always fun. However, blending reading with fall decorations keeps everyone reaching for a book throughout the year.

41. Can You Guess Your Teacher’s Favorite Book?

Leading by example is an ideal way to demonstrate healthy habits. For instance, fun Fall-themed decorations to help students guess the teacher’s favorite book also open minds to reading different books.

42. Batik Leaves and Pickup Truck

Gliding through batik leaves for some swinging in the fresh fall air. A beautiful fall bulletin board and class craft to usher in the fall season.

43. Nuts About Kindergarten Door Decoration

Inviting squirrels to welcome students into the classroom is a terrific way to start their day. We enjoy all the fall sentiments to show students how teachers feel about their classes.

44. Carve Out Time To Read

Pumpkin carving goes hand in hand with fall. Students can help to decorate the seasonal classroom board with a pumpkin book report craft of their favorite books.

45. Math Is Sweet

Source: @mathemizer

How sweet is a candy bulletin board? Using candy is a fun tool to teach that math is fun throughout the year. There are plenty of sweets to count, making this an excellent math pun for a math classroom bulletin board.

46. Read More BOO-ks

Source: @kidsworkchicago

Label fall leaves with book titles as students read; these trees will be full of beautiful leaves by spring. Prompting reading with fun incentives shows the entire class’s reading progress.

47. We’ve got lots to crow about!

Source: @jeremydeanc

These crows have plenty to say about their class and their crop of learners. An adorable scarecrow is tending to the fall crops working hard to keep the crows away.

48. Spooktacular October Bulletin Board

Source: @xspookumsx

Classroom crafts are a great way to help inspire creativity and have students contribute to the classroom decorations. For example, hand-drawn pumpkins with friendly or spooky faces add character to any bulletin board.

49. Whoos Ready For Fall

Friendly owls are ready to usher in the Autumn season. With students’ names on leaves and pumpkins, this is a great way to include the students on the seasonal bulletin board.

50. We Are Nuts About Speech

Source: @kickbox76

Cute squirrels collecting nuts is an excellent theme for a fall bulletin board and easy to reuse for the Spring bulletin board.

51. Reading is Spooktacular

Friendly witches reading is a great way to boost reading for Halloween. Halloween bulletin boards aren’t scary; they can be fun and encouraging.

52. Let Kindness Show

Source: @readytolearn123

As fall leaves begin to blow away, always let kindness stay! This message to promote kindness is excellent throughout the year. Heart-shaped leaves help spread the love in the season of giving and thankfulness.

53. Jump Into A Good Book

Source: @mclsnj

Motivate readers with this fall-themed Snoopy and Woodstock bulletin board. Jumping into piles of leaves is fun, but books make everything so entertaining.

54. You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Source: @mrsrubenteaches

Students decorated apples, a great classroom craft activity for an apple week unit. Add these original masterpieces to the classroom bulletin boards or create gallery walls to celebrate apple picking season.

55. Nuts About Numbers

Source: @julie_shope_

So many fun ways to use acorns when decorating for fall. Incorporating a classroom craft and a math lesson – now that’s just innovative! Have students design their actions, then add a fun math equation to challenge their growing minds.

56. Scary Good Stories

Adding students’ creative writing projects to brightly decorated classroom boards add the right touch and is encouraging and rewarding. Students love to admire their hard work displayed!

57. Cricut Reading Graffiti

Source: @spedlyinlove

Creating fun ways for students to share their favorite excerpts from books they love throughout the year. Students can share books and encourage others to read outside their comfort zone.

58. Happy Fall Y’all

Source: @kelliegarf

Such creativity with paper pumpkins and fall leaves brightens any school area. Check out the texture and depth of the autumn tree created on this seasonal bulletin board.

59. It’s Fall, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock are great fall characters! How adorable! Woodstock is hard to work raking up colorful leaves with students’ names.

60. Let’s Be Thankful And Give Back

A bulletin board that spreads kindness and encourages giving back to the community is the perfect fall bulletin board in a season of giving.

61. Fallin For Nouns

This language arts bulletin board is a great way to display students’ work—for example, noun exercises to learn how to identify fall-themed nouns.

62. Take A Bite Out Of Math

Source: @teachingisextra

Halloween bulletin boards are decorated with friendly monsters to encourage students to conquer their math woes, making a subject much less frightening.

63. As Autumn Leaves Begin To Blow, Let Your Kindness Show Classroom Door

Bulletin boards that inspire writing exercises are a great encouragement to students. For this fall bulletin board, students wrote on a leaf what kindness means to them and what act of kindness they will perform this fall season.

64. Our Great Pumpkins Halloween Bulletin Board

Source: @hannahcrideout

This fun fall craft activity allows students to make original funny, scary, or silly pumpkin designs to add to the pumpkin patch bulletin board.

65. Just Like The Scarecrows

Source: @thefigfactory

Students’ memories adorn a fall-themed wall to mark the middle school era for each student as they move on to high school.

66. We Are So Thankful for Math and Our Teachers

Source: @iteachalgebra

A fall bulletin board dedicated to how thankful students are for their teachers is a great way to show appreciation for their fantastic job. A bright and cheerful thanksgiving bulletin board allows students to express their thankfulness for each teacher.

67. A Minion Reasons To Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving bulletin board with a cute Minion character dressed as turkeys and pilgrims shows that everyone is thankful during the autumn season.

68. Smore Math, Please

Such a fun fall bulletin board or even a summer bulletin board as you get ready to cozy up for an outdoor campfire with smores. These smores treats are filled with math equations, examples, and tips.

69. Minion Rockin His Fall Hat Door Decoration

Source: @berean_academy

Have fun with fall classroom door decorations! This adorable farmer Minion is ready to greet students to class each day.

70. CORNY Numbers and Board Activity

Using crafts is a fun exercise to teach math and decorate the classroom for the fall season. For example, providing ten frames for students to color to solve equations is a great way to teach basic math concepts. Making these ten frames into corn is a perfect “addition” to the fall bulletin board.

71. Our School Is Tree-Mendous

Source: @treatyourparty

Autumn leaves are so festive for a fall bulletin board! Adding names to the leaves to represent how tremendous your school thinks its students are is a beautiful way to show appreciation.

72. Unbe-LEAFable Work

Source: @simply_sprout

This fun bulletin board design combines textures to provide a unique style. The paper fans in different patterns add dimension to any board. Adding the fall leaves to the paper fans will give any classroom a playful and inviting feel as students return to school.

73. Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

Source: @applesandabcs

These red, green, and yellow apples hold tiny little seeds that will grow into mighty trees. What a wonderful message of fall that can roll into how plants grow.

74. We’re Nuts About Fall!

Fun, vibrant colored acorns to accompany traditional fall-colored leaves make for a bright and fun classroom.

75. Fall Colors Artwork Bulletin Board

Source: @island.erin

Students’ fall-colored artwork to accompany the fall board will add a special touch to your class this fall. Pictures of sunflowers, apples, or acorns create fun art activities for any age.

76. Fall Hayride Bulletin Board

Source: @island.erin

There is so much to discover as you take a fall hayride with this fall bulletin board featuring so many adorable details. This red tractor with all the student’s self-portrait projects riding along in the tractor with crafted bats and pumpkins. This classroom board is full of activities to last the entire fall.

We hope these fun fall bulletin boards, crafts, and activities inspire you to create fabulous fall classroom decorations! And remember, unique bulletin board ideas can begin with inspiration from other teachers, so once you make yours, share it!

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