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Take a look at the world of classroom decorations that teachers often use.

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  • Border/Trimmer: Borders or trimmers are decorative strips that frame bulletin boards, windows, or display areas. They come in various designs, colors, and patterns and effectively add a finishing touch to classroom displays.
  • Bordette: Similar to border/trimmers, Bordette is a brand name for a decorative border often made of corrugated paper. It is commonly used to enhance bulletin boards, windows, or other classroom displays.
  • Calendars: Classroom calendars are useful tools for teaching time management and scheduling. They can be displayed on walls or bulletin boards and typically include spaces to mark important dates, events, or student birthdays.
  • Chart Toppers: Chart toppers are decorative accents designed for charts or graphs. They often feature colorful images or illustrations corresponding to the presented topic.
  • Holiday/Seasonal: Holiday and seasonal decorations are used to create a festive atmosphere in the classroom during specific occasions or times of the year. These decorations can include items like cutouts, posters, or banners that reflect the theme of a particular holiday or season.
  • Letters: Decorative letters are individual alphabets, often made of durable materials like cardstock or foam, used for creating custom signs, labels, or titles on bulletin boards or walls. They come in various sizes, fonts, and colors.
  • Number Lines: Number lines are similar to alphabet lines but feature a sequential order of numbers. They are used to support math instruction, number sense development, and counting activities in the classroom.
  • Quick Stick: Quick Stick is a brand of adhesive-backed decorations that easily adhere to walls, windows, or other smooth surfaces. These decorations are typically pre-cut and come in various shapes and designs, allowing for quick and convenient display changes.
  • Storage: Classroom decorations often include storage solutions such as bins, baskets, or shelves. These items help teachers organize the classroom by providing designated spaces for storing and accessing decorations when needed.
  • Two-Sided Decorations: Two-sided decorations are typically made of cardstock or other sturdy materials and feature different designs or themes on each side. These decorations can be suspended from the ceiling or displayed in windows to add visual interest from multiple angles.
  • Window Clings: Window clings are decorations made of a flexible, adhesive material that sticks to glass surfaces without needing tape or glue. They are commonly used to add seasonal or thematic elements to classroom windows, creating an engaging display visible from both inside and outside the classroom.

These are just some examples of the types of classroom decorations teachers use. The choice of decorations depends on the teacher's grade level, subject, and personal preferences, as well as the desired learning environment they want to create for their students.

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