Purposeful Puzzles for Grades PreK-4 by TREND enterprises

DirectionsCreate engaging puzzles on just about any topic. Punch out the pieces from the bulletin board set or cut a poster or learning chart into the number of desired pieces. To make the U.S. Map Puzzle more challenging, you could cut apart the individual states or make small groups of states. Laminate all pieces for … Read more

SPANISH Crossword Puzzles by Hayes School Publishing – H-FL12R

¡Hola! Hola y adiós Find and circle the greetings and farewell expressions in the puzzle. Words can appear in any direction. Hola, Mario.Buenos días, Felipe. ¿Qué tal?Buenas tardes, Ángela.¿Qué hay?¡Marta! ¿Cómo estás? Adiós, Paloma.Hasta luego, Tomás. Buenas noches, Alberto.Hasta mañana, Yolanda. Table of Contents Saludos y despedidas ¡Hola! – 1Hola y adiós – 2Una conversación … Read more


À l’école (School Days) 1 La famille (The Family) Unscramble the French words below and write them in the squares across. Then read down the circled column to find out who Jean’s favorite relative is. ncole urose venue sifl ceniè antte rerèf Le membre préféré de la famille de Juan est sa __ Anne. ANSWER … Read more


Allons faire des courses (Let’s Go Shopping) 2 In the squares down, write the name of the place where you would go to buy eachof the items indicated. Choose your answers from the words in the box. ANSWER KEYPage 1. Les jours de la semaine (Days of the Week) Lundi 2. Mardi 3. Mercredi 4. … Read more


La ciudad (The City Crossword Puzzle) La consulta del médico (The Doctor’s Office Crossword Puzzle)Use the English clues to solve the puzzle in Spanish. Horizontales pain to rest legs back examination throat Verticales stress medicine doctor ears fever flu head Table of Contents La ciudad (The City) – 1La consulta del médico (The Doctor’s Office) … Read more

ABC Kids Animals Puzzle Game

Kids will learn the Alphabet while playing! Fun & free puzzle game for kids! ABC Kids Animals Puzzle Game by TeachersParadise.com Studios includes 26 Alphabet kids puzzle with 234 individual puzzle pieces for hours of fun and learning! An educational and entertaining way to teach and learn the 26 English alphabet letters. When kids finish … Read more

Kids Word Search Puzzle Game

Train your brain to the max, how well can you perform a word search puzzle? Practice spelling with this free learning games word search. This Word Search is sure to keep strengthening your mind while searching through a grid full of letters. Discover all the hidden words waiting in this fun filled activity. How many … Read more

Photo Puzzle – Puzzle Games

Enjoy and install the latest photo puzzle inspired by a hundred of scenic photos. Be puzzled. Be challenged. Solve and behold snapshots of historical landmarks or other tourist attractions and beautiful sceneries from places all over the world. A lot of game apps are available online to excite this era of electronic gadgetry, but classic … Read more

A+ Preschool Educational Games

Getting A+s in school starts with fun preschool educational games. Educational games have always been an efficient way to teach little children. With children’s relatively short attention span, it critical that learning be fun and engaging. Preschool educational games are sure to spark young learners interests and invite children to learn through this easy to … Read more

Princess Puzzles Girls Games

A complete combination of Fairy Tale Princess and Puzzles equates to an impeccable game for girls. With various selections of 40 colorful puzzle images depicting princesses of different fairy tales, this puzzle game app will surely tickle any young girl’s fancy for a long time. In this day and age, children as young as two … Read more

Angry Boxes Dot Game

When it comes to addicting games, Angry Boxes: Dot Game might become your childhood favorite game again! Similar to the classic dots and boxes game we played in primary school but now you can play against another player or against the Angry Boxes supercomputer! Try to make more boxes than the computer and if the … Read more

ABC Puzzle Games for Kids

Kids Puzzles Letters & NumbersA Fun Kids Puzzle Game for Learning the Alphabet and Numbers! This game is fun and exciting way for preschool kids to learn letters and numbers while practicing their fine motor skills. This brand new kids puzzle game, with 70 different puzzles, consists of classic fun shapes puzzles with original cartoon … Read more

Car Puzzles For Kids Free

Challenge your child while providing hours of fun with this free puzzle app for kids. Encourage the development of young learns minds through puzzles. This fun problem solving puzzle activity will exercise hand eye coordination, patience and fine motor skills. Bright colored and friendly scenes of planes, trains and cars will attract the youngest learner … Read more

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