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Enjoy and install the latest photo puzzle inspired by a hundred of scenic photos. Be puzzled. Be challenged. Solve and behold snapshots of historical landmarks or other tourist attractions and beautiful sceneries from places all over the world. A lot of game apps are available online to excite this era of electronic gadgetry, but classic games such as puzzles never grow old.

Our brain just like the whole physical body deserves its essential exercise to function at its optimal level. There are many ways to push your mind to its limits, but nobody has ever said that it couldn’t be fun. Puzzles games are not only for kids. In fact, it is proven that the mental benefits initially for adults, as early as the mid-1700s when John Spilsbury, an engraver, and cartographer created the very first puzzle to teach the world geography.
Puzzle games have been a one of a kind activity that permits children and adults alike to achieve a certain level of creativity. All while being submerged in an enjoyable task that ends with a rewarding sense of accomplishment after finishing the puzzle.

Creative within the meaning that you will have to think continuously of new ways and angles to successfully put the pieces together; immersing one’s self in a game of trial and error. Exciting and truly challenging. You will be surprised of how everything inside your brain could all work together, encouraging proper brain chemistry and producing the neurotransmitter “dopamine.” Dopamine being a chemical in the brain that creates feelings of happiness as it also sharpens the mind for learning and enhances the memory. Puzzles challenge your logic and spatial reasoning, working both sides of the brain simultaneously.

In addition, brain puzzle games are one of the very few activities that can stimulate and relax the mind at the same time. In the process of solving puzzles, you reach a level of tranquility, adding effective stress management to the long list of benefits puzzles brings. Brain puzzle games improve the mind’s concentration; It has been proven to be a useful tool for giving the subconscious the opportunity to sort out other things. While providing possible solutions to problems or pressing matters that has been hovering one’s mind for a while. Many people reported having come up with the best solutions or fantastic ideas while working on a puzzle.

What is especially great about this app is that scenic photo puzzles can be solved in multiple levels of difficulties; also to the challenge of being timed pressure. With a lot of photos to choose from, you get to continue advancing to more and more complicated levels without having to do the same exact puzzle over and over again. Being exposed to this variety of photos could even serve as an inspiration for anyone to look for more information on the places or scene in the picture puzzle.

Many have been inspired to learn about famous architectural landmarks, paintings, and many other interesting subjects simply from being exposed to the wonders of puzzle games. Challenging, fun, relaxing, and mind sharpening. Install this app now and see for yourself.

Photo Puzzle – Puzzle Games for Android by Studios!


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