Disasters Social Studies Activity Book for Grades 5-8+ by Carson Dellosa CD-1317

Located in the southeast corner of the state on the Mississippi River, New Madrid was named for Madrid, Spain. In the early part of the nineteenth century it was a prosperous community and considered an important landing between the Ohio River and Natchez, Mississippi. The people living in New Madrid were well aware of the … Read more

U.S. HISTORY People and Events 1607–1865 for Grades 6+ by Carson Dellosa CD-404039

Patrick Henry Demands Liberty or Death Americans were outraged when they learned Parliament had passed the Intolerable Acts. It was unreasonable that a whole colony be punished for the actions of a few men. If England could do this to Massachusetts, what would prevent the same thing happening to any other colony that offended the … Read more

Character Education – Honesty Worksheet for Grades K-3 by Carson Dellosa CD-7318

Honesty Scenarios Worksheet Look at each picture below. Circle “yes” if you think the picture shows something an honest person would do. Circle “no” if you think the picture shows something an honest person would not do. Pick one of the illustrations that shows someone being dishonest. Write a sentence or draw a picture to … Read more

Preschool Daily Plan Book by Carson Dellosa CD-8201

MONTHLY CALENDAR – PAGE 10Make copies of the reproducible calendar to assist in planning ahead. Plot out your month with thematic units, special stories, or holiday and seasonal activities. STUDENT INFORMATION – PAGES 4-7The information contained within these pages is critical for an early childhood teacher. Make sure that each section is filled out for … Read more

Fine Motor Fun for Grades PreK-Grade 1 by Carson Dellosa CD-804050

The Big Frog Activity Directions: Copy onto card stock, color, and laminate for durability. Punch holes where indicated. Laces: Use real shoelaces, ribbon, or yarn with masking tape wrapped around one end as a needle. Farm Animal Stringing Patterns Activity Activity found on page 37. Directions: Copy onto card stock, color, cut out along the … Read more

Map Skills for Grade 5 Social Studies by Carson Dellosa CD-4704

Canadian Boundaries Boundaries are the imaginary lines between political areas. Canada has political divisions called provinces. Use the map of Canada to answer the questions below. What body of water is directly west of Quebec? The northern boundary of Saskatchewan is created by the _. The eastern boundary of Ontario is _. Which Canadian province … Read more

Hands-On Life Science for Elementary Grades by Carson Dellosa CD-7321

Anatomy – Lung and Diaphragm 30 minutes Get it Together 16-ounce plastic soda bottle 2-9″ balloons Electrical tape Straw Canning lid (same diameter as the bottle) Modeling clay Scissors Procedure Cut the bottom portion off the bottle. Cut the straw to 5″. Tape one balloon to the end of the straw. Suspend the straw through … Read more

Celebrating Hispanic Culture for Grades PreK-12 by Carson Dellosa CD-104040

Activity Olmec Stone HeadMuch has been said about the amazing. huge stone heads made by the Olmecs. Create your own using the instructions below. Make a large one to represent the entire class or have each student design a small stone head for herself. Materials:NewspaperNewspaper strips.2″ x 12″ (5 cm x 30.5cm)Chicken wire (optional)Glue and … Read more

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