Little Kids…Mold & Paint! by Teacher’s Friend TF-0439504120

SAND SCULPTURE CLAY INGREDIENTS:2 cups sand1 cup cornstarch1 1/2 cups liquid starch DIRECTIONS:Using a large, old saucepan, combine the cornstarch and sand together. Add the liquid starch and mix well. Cook over medium heat while stirring constantly. After a few minutes, the mixture will become thick and dough-like. Remove the saucepan from the heat and … Read more

Fourth Grade Basic Skills Math Fun Activities by Teacher’s Friend Publications, Inc – TF-1330 – 0439501938

Table of Contents Number Sequencing -3Two Digit Addition – 4Two Digit Addition – 5Two and Three Digit Addition – 6Two and Three Digit Addition – 7Subtracting Two Digit Numbers -8Subtracting Two Digit Numbers – 9Subtracting Two and Three Digit Numbers – 10Subtracting Three Digit Numbers – 11Addition and Subtraction – 12Addition and Subtraction – 13Multiplying … Read more

Free 1-20 French numbers worksheet

How do you say French numbers? Download our free french number with English pronunciation chart! Is it possible to help my child learn French if I don’t speak it myself? If you are not a native French speaker, begin by taking a couple of hours of lessons or using a French English Bilingual Visual Dictionary. … Read more

Inventors Making Things Better – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Have children summarize what they learned about inventions. Help them list the inventors and their inventions. Ask them to discuss which of the inventions they think made the most difference in their lives. Response ActivitiesInvention Hall of FameMaterials: art paper, writing paper, crayons or markers To follow up on the discussion in After … Read more

LYNX When Earth Moves – Science Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

Physical ScienceVibrations (from sound, light, earthquakes, etc.) move in waves at different speeds and have different wavelengths. Life ScienceAnimals process, react to, and store information from the environment. Links to Reading/Language Arts Comprehension Compare and ContrastComprehension Main Idea and DetailsVocabulary Synonyms and AntonymsPhonics/Word Study Dipthongs/Compound WordsText Feature Cross-Sectional DiagramsLiterary Analysis Character TraitsNonfiction Genre Interview Vocabulary … Read more

LYNX Maximum Sports – Science Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

Physical ScienceThe motion of an object can be described by its direction and speed. Motion can be measured and represented on a graph. Earth ScienceGravitation is a force that determines both where a ball will land and the path of the planets around the sun. Links to Reading/Language Arts Comprehension InferenceVocabulary Parts of SpeechPhonics/Word Study … Read more

LYNX Let Freedom Ring – Social Studies Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

World History Economic, political, and cultural links occurred among Africa, Europe, and the Americas between 1500 and the present. 2. Europeans colonized the African continent and brought enslaved Africans to their colonies in the New World. American HistoryThe values of European economics took root in the colonies, and slavery reshaped European and African life in … Read more

Rocks and Minerals: The World Beneath Our Feet – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Lead students in a discussion about the elements of nonfiction, including the text organization used by the author. You may wish to distribute copies of the Comprehension Master on p. 58. Vocabulary Activity: Word RelationshipsMaterials: glossary wordsHave students work in pairs to look for relationships among the glossary words. Ask them to choose … Read more

SPIN-A-STORY Writing Prompts Chart – Teaching Guide by Scholastic SC-921567

When you first present the Spin-a-Story Writing Prompts Chart to students, explain that the three wheels provide the three major elements every good story needs:• WHO (character): person, animal, or animated object, such as a robot• WHAT (plot): the main event that happens in the story• WHERE (setting): place and time in which the story … Read more

Whale Tails Early Themes: Ocean Life by Scholastic Professional Books

Teaching the Whale Tails Lesson Explain that scientists can tell whales apart from one another. Humpback whales have markings or patterns on the underside of their flukes—the two flat halves that make up the tail. Each humpback whale has its own unique markings. By looking at the flukes, scientists can identify specific whales and track … Read more

The Lion and the Mouse – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Talk about how Mouse helped Lion. Ask children to think of ways Lion could help Mouse in return. Encourage children to discuss the lesson taught in this fable. Response ActivitiesAnother FableMaterials: noneHave children divide into small groups to make-up and act out their own fables about Lion and Mouse. Remind them to include … Read more

Little Red and the Wolf – Pair-It Emergent Reader Activity by Steck-Vaughn

AFTER READING Talk about this version of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Discuss how the pictures help tell the story. Ask children to describe what they think the pictures reveal about each character. Response ActivitiesWhere Do We Go From Here?Materials: board, chalkOn the way to Grandmother’s house, Little Red Riding Hood made several stops. With children, … Read more

Awesome Art Activities Around the Year by Scholastic Teaching Resources SC-0439044987-904498

Art References: Sculpture: Houdon, Rodin, Duane Hanson, African and Roman portraits; Naturalistic Painting: Da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Ingre, Sargent, Grant Wood;Stylized, Abstract, Mixed-Media Painting: Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso, Warhol, Chuck Close, Alice Neel;Caricature: Honoré Daumier, Thomas Nast, David Levine, Al Hirschfeld MaterialsFor each student:• Portrait Template (page 21)• 5 to 8 sheets copy paper• masking … Read more

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