Learn-A-Language Books Spanish Workbook Grade 3 by Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc. FS-23103 – 0764701436

antla hormiga(lah ohr-mee-gah) beetleel escarabajo(ehl ehs-kah-rah-bah-hoh) wormel gusano(ehl goo-sah-noh) earthwormla lombriz(lah lohm-brees) la arana(lah ah-rah-nyah) tarantulala tarantula(lah tah-rahn-too-lah) Mas lnsectos/More Insects (cricket)(ehl gree-yoh) fireflyla luciermaga(lah loo-syehr-nah-gah) grasshopperel saltamontes(ehl sahl-tah-mohn-tehs) pillbugla cochinilla de tierra(lah coh-chee-nee-yah deh tyeh-rah) fleala pulga(lah pool-gah) (earwig)la tijereta(lah tee-heh-reh-tah) mosquitoel mosquito(ehl mohs-kee-toh) mothla polilla(lah po-lee-yah) ladybugla mariquita{lah mah-ree-kee-tah) cockroachla cucaracha{lah koo-kah-rah-chah)

SPANISH Crossword Puzzles by Hayes School Publishing – H-FL12R

¡Hola! Hola y adiós Find and circle the greetings and farewell expressions in the puzzle. Words can appear in any direction. Hola, Mario.Buenos días, Felipe. ¿Qué tal?Buenas tardes, Ángela.¿Qué hay?¡Marta! ¿Cómo estás? Adiós, Paloma.Hasta luego, Tomás. Buenas noches, Alberto.Hasta mañana, Yolanda. Table of Contents Saludos y despedidas ¡Hola! – 1Hola y adiós – 2Una conversación … Read more

Beginning Spanish Reader A Trip to Spain by Hayes School Publishing – H-FL21R

Un viaje a España – A Trip to Spain ¿Dónde está España? – Where Is Spain? Vocabulariotiene . . . años – is . . . years oldverano – summerviajar – to travelpaís – countryfrontera – borderseparan – separatemenos de – fewer thanempezar – to beginquedarse – to remainechar de menos – to missrecuerdo – … Read more

Beginning Spanish Reader A Trip to Mexico by Hayes School Publishing – H-FL23R

Un viaje a México – A Trip to Mexico ¿Dónde está México? – Where Is Mexico? Vocabulario menor – youngerverano – summerviajar – to travelconocer – to knowlindo – prettylargo – longdelgado – thincostas – coastlinesfrontera – borderpoblación – populationquedarse – to stayechar de menos – to missrecuerdo – souvenir La familia Ramsay vive en … Read more


La ciudad (The City Crossword Puzzle) La consulta del médico (The Doctor’s Office Crossword Puzzle)Use the English clues to solve the puzzle in Spanish. Horizontales pain to rest legs back examination throat Verticales stress medicine doctor ears fever flu head Table of Contents La ciudad (The City) – 1La consulta del médico (The Doctor’s Office) … Read more

DISCOVERING MEXICO – Multicultural Education Series by Hayes School Publishing Co – H-MC103R

FIESTA! • Fiesta means “feast day” in Spanish.• At a fiesta, people eat lots of good food, have parades, fireworks, music, dancing and pinatas!• A fiesta may be given to celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduations, baptisms, holidays, etc. FIESTA MEXICAN BOY AND GIRL Enlarge the Mexican boy and girl on an overhead projector and then trace … Read more

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