How to Make the Mini-Book Plays by Scholastic SC-935530

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, What Should We Do? Characters• Queen• Guard 1• Guard 2• Mouse• Cat Queen: There’s a mouse under my chair. It has the hiccups.Mouse: Hiccup! Hiccup! HICCUP!Queen: Guards! Stop those hiccups now!Guard 1: Oh my! What should we do?Guard 2: I know! Here, Little Mouse. Drink a cup of water.Mouse: Okay. Hiccup! … Read more

The Salem Witch Trials Classroom Activities by Scholastic SC-0439385199-938519

Elizabeth and Abigail decided to play along and accused Tituba and two old women of being witches. The women were arrested. Seeing the power they suddenly had, the girls began accusing others of being witches. The girls finally went too far when they accused the Reverend John Hale’s wife, Sarah, of being a witch. People … Read more

Folk & Fairy Tale Masks Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Teacher’s Friend Publications, Inc SC-0439824281-982428

The read-along story and act-it-out play are presented in simple, repetitive formats that are easy for children to read and are rich in learning. While children work with the masks and printed materials, they’ll develop reading fluency skills through sight word recognition, repetitive text, and expressive phrases. Other skills that can be emphasized include decoding … Read more

Autumn Idea Book by Teacher’s Friend Publications, Inc – TF-1601 TF-0439499607

CHART A TREESelect a deciduous tree on the school grounds. Have your students visit the tree in autumn, winter and spring noting the changes each season. Ask them to draw pictures of each change or take photographs and display them on the class bulletin board. SEASONAL IMPROVISATION Ask your students to act out the life … Read more

The Teacher’s Friend Record Book by Teacher’s Friend Publications, Inc – TF-0439504236

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER INFORMATION – Use these pages to inform any substitute teacher of the pertinent information needed to successfully manage your class in your absence. Update this information periodically throughout the year. You may want to reproduce these pages and give a copy to your supervisor and/or school secretary. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES – Record your school’s … Read more

Teaching Reading Beyond the Primary Grades by Scholastic SC-0439767571 976757

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is one of the major methods of tracking students’ literacy achievement across the country. Since its beginnings in 1969, it has been administered periodically to fourth- and eighth grade students. The most recent results, published in 2005, indicate that there was no significant change in reading performance between … Read more

Instant Thematic Stationery for Beginning Writers for Grades K-3 by Scholastic SC-940815

How to Use This BookOnce you begin putting Joyful Learning’s Exciting Writing for Beginning Writers! to work in your classroom, you and your students will discover a million uses for the pages that follow. In the meantime, here are some start-up ideas to help you and your students begin enjoying your stationery today. Class NewsletterCopy … Read more

Talkin’ Dust Bowl Blues, Black Sunday & Save the Soil! by Scholastic SC-937085

Black Sunday The day of the Black Blizzard, “the sky went dark. Dust was flyin’ everywhere. You couldn’t see nothin’. You couldn’t see your hand right in front of you.” Work with a small group to find out more about the worst dust blizzard of the 1930’s. Create a 5- to 8-minute newscast on the … Read more

Read-Aloud Mini-Plays With Leveled Parts by Scholastic SC-0439870283 987028

And, in order to present their characters convincingly to the audience, they need to comprehend their parts as well. To sum up, these mini-plays give students an authentic reason for repeated reading and thereby help them develop fluency and comprehension. PLAY School Situations – The New Kid Characters • Narrator 1• Narrator 2• Fran• Hannah• … Read more

A Bell for the Statehouse – Read-Aloud Plays: Symbols of America by Scholastic SC-936597

SCENE 1: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CRIER: One day in 1751, the cobbler was working in his shop when two statesmen walked by.STATESMAN 1: Isn’t the new statehouse a grand building?STATESMAN 2: Yes, but what good is the steeple without a bell?STATESMAN 1: You’re right. It does need a bell.STATESMAN 2: Why don’t we have a bell … Read more

Capitol Map, White House & First Ladies by Scholastic SC-937086

Tour the White House Every day, more than 6,000 tourists come and visit the White House. Some tour this presidential abode on their own while others go on a guided tour. Create a tour brochure that will guide tourists to different parts of the White House. What areas do you think people shouldn’t miss on … Read more

Will the Real Sacagawea Please Stand Up And 14 Other American History Plays by Scholastic SC-0439098424-909842

Biographer 1: Before we start, the real Sacagawea has asked us to read this letter of introduction to you: Dear Students: I, Sacagawea, was born around 1787 in the area now called “Idaho,” in the Rocky Mountains. There were only thirteen states and about four million people in the country then. A few years later, … Read more

Teaching Reading Strategies With Literature That Matters to Middle Schoolers by Scholastic SC-0439465907-946590

The variety of suggested books provides various points of entry into adolescent-friendly topics. Further, “multiple learning and teaching approaches” (NMSA, p. 7) are nurtured through the diverse suggestions for exploring each of the texts. We believe the following are key ingredients for motivating and enhancing learning in middle school: • Students need to feel connected … Read more

Train Travel Today, Feats of Engineering & California History by Scholastic SC-937087

Feats of Engineering Engineers who designed and built the Transcontinental Railroad faced many challenges, such as tunneling through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Design your own railway, either by drawing on paper or using a model train set. Think of an obstacle that the Transcontinental Railroad engineers may have faced and figure out a way to … Read more

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