Archaeology Digging Deeper to Learn About the Past by INCENTIVE PUBLICATIONS IP4361

Chapter 1Discovering Aspects of Ancient Life through Artifacts The word archaeology comes from the Greek language and means “to study what is ancient.”Archaeologists excavate artifacts—including bones, pottery, coins, building materials, and other ancient remains—to learn as much as possible about the lives of people from the past. All aspects of ancient life are of interest … Read more

LYNX Caribbean Paradise Lost? – Social Studies Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

American History The Americas attracted Europeans, they brought enslaved Africans to their colonies, and Europeans struggled for control of North America and the Caribbean. GeographyUsing geographic representations, including maps and globes, to acquire, process, and report information should be understood. Links to Reading/Language ArtsComprehension Cause and EffectVocabulary Using “Finish the Idea” RoutinesPhonics/Word Study r-controlled vowels/Homographs … Read more

The Alamo Additional Activities by Scholastic Teacher Resources SC-937081

Letters From the Alamo This site contains actual letters from two lesser-known defenders of the Alamo: William Carey and Micajah Autrey. Read their biographies and letters to understand more about the men who fought in the Texan Revolution. Imagine that you are a volunteer in the Texas army, writing home to family members or friends. … Read more

The Southeast Activity by Harcourt Achieve Inc

Four of the original colonies—Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia—were from the south. Tobacco and cotton became important crops for these colonies. Farmers cleared more and more land in an effort to grow crops. The large farms were called plantations. People from Africa were shipped in to work in the fields. The plantation owners … Read more

Easy Simulations Pioneers by Scholastic SC-043952220X-952220

Throughout the simulation, students will keep a journal of their experiences and keep track of the supplies they use and the distance they have traveled. At the end of the simulation, they will write a letter to a fictional aunt who lives “back East,” describing what they have experienced and what they have learned from … Read more

LYNX Ancient Empires – Social Studies Teacher’s Guide Collection I by Steck-Vaughn

GeographyAn understanding of geography can help people interpret events from the past and understand cultures. American HistoryThere were similarities between the early societies of the Americas and Ancient Egypt. Links to Reading/Language ArtsComprehension InferenceVocabulary Meaning MapsPhonics/Word Study Variant Consonants/Context CluesText Feature MapsLiterary Analysis SettingNonfiction Genre Expository Text Vocabulary Linksagriculture (noun) the production of crops and … Read more

Triple Writing Treat – Writing Prompts, Art Projects, and Bulletin Boards by Edupress EP-0163

Columbus Day/Sequencing, History Sailing with Columbus Life as an explorer must have been very exciting. Imagine you are a member of Christopher Columbus’ crew on the voyage to discover new land. Tell the story of your adventure! Writing StimulatorsDescribe your ship. Were you on the Pinta, the Nina or the Santa Maria?What did you have … Read more

Train Travel Today, Feats of Engineering & California History by Scholastic SC-937087

Feats of Engineering Engineers who designed and built the Transcontinental Railroad faced many challenges, such as tunneling through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Design your own railway, either by drawing on paper or using a model train set. Think of an obstacle that the Transcontinental Railroad engineers may have faced and figure out a way to … Read more

Cherokee Nation by Scholastic Teacher Resources SC-937089

The Trail of TearsIn May of 1838, General Winfield Scott and 7,000 soldiers began rounding up all the Cherokee at gunpoint and herding them into overcrowded, disease-ridden stockades like cattle. By October they were divided into 13 groups and forced to march on foot beside ill-equipped wagons for more than 800 miles. The Cherokee called … Read more

Moon Walk – A Hands-On-History Look at Apollo 11, America’s Trip to the Moon by Teaching & Learning Company – TLC10329

Table of Contents Resources – 5Space–the New Frontier – 6The First Astronauts/Chimp in Space/The First Men in Space – 7Problems and Successes/The Space Program in Full Swing – 8Daily Life in a Spacecraft – 10To the Moon – 11Rocket Power – 12What a Ride!/A Driving Test – 13Dinner and TV/Day Two – 14Day Three/Orbiting the … Read more

Virginia Social Studies Grades K-4 – A Reproducible Activity Book About Virginia’s Famous People by Gallopade – GAL003902

Johnny walked the nation, covering New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois many times. He may have walked more than 100,000 miles over 50 years of starting orchards around the country! Johnny didn’t throw out seeds as he walked—he cleared land and carefully planted them in neat rows. He built rough fences to … Read more

Symbols of Freedom by Gary Grimm & Associates – GGA510

Columbus called the first Native Americans he met Indians because he thought he had reached the East Indies when he first came to the New World. By the time Europeans came to America, there were a thousand Native American nations in North America. Among these various tribes were the Delaware, Sioux, Cheyenne, Apache, Blackfeet, Seminole, … Read more

George Washington’s Farewell Address by Teaching & Learning Company – TLC10221

Washington’s experience as a leader had given him a broad perspective on the problems the United States might confront after he resigned. He saw the rise of the two political parties and warned against such political division. Although Washington had tried to remain impartial, his cabinet and his two administrations were filled with wrangling between … Read more

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