In the Wake of Magellan! by Harcourt Achieve Inc

In the Wake of Magellan! Worksheet

Read this story about a great explorer. Think about the meanings of the words in bold type.

“Land ho!” the lookout calls from his perch high above the deck. He points to the horizon. The crew rush to the side of the ship. They see land! Nothing is more exciting after a long ocean voyage.

Ever since people began building boats, sailors have headed out to sea. Some went to look for riches. Some, like James Cook, went to explore new lands.

Cook was born in England on October 27, 1728. When he was 27 years old, he joined the Navy. He studied hard and learned to navigate. After he became a captain, he spent years surveying Canada’s east coast. His charts were the best maps ever drawn of that coastline.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Then, in 1768, Cook led an expedition to Tahiti. The Navy asked him to take some scientists to the island. They also told him to look for an “unknown land” in the southern Pacific Ocean. At the time, many people believed a big continent was there.

While in Tahiti, Cook made friends with the people. He sent back reports telling about their way of life. Later he explored the coasts of New Zealand and Australia. He found no new continent because there was none! In the following years, Cook went on 2 other expeditions. His voyages took him around the world a second time. He also traveled farther south than anyone had ever been. Then, in 1779, he was killed in a fight on Hawaii. With his death, England lost one of its greatest explorers.

Swab the Deck! Worksheet
Label the drawing with the correct vocabulary words.

Find the vocabulary word that fits each clue.

  1. The Titanic sank on its maiden one.
  2. What George Washington spent his early years doing.
  3. James Cook went on one to Tahiti.
  4. Draw a picture of a place you would like to explore.

Swab the Deck!, Worksheet 2
Identify the vocabulary word that fits each meaning.

one of the seven large land areas on Earth
a journey by water
the line where the ground or the sea seems to meet the sky
to travel in unknown lands for the purpose of discovery
measuring land to find out its boundaries, shape, or size
maps showing coasts, reefs, currents, and depths of the water
to steer a course in a ship
a journey made for a special reason

Write the numbered letters in the puzzle. You will discover the name of the ship Cook sailed on his first expedition. Begin the word with a capital letter.

Answer Key – Swab the Deck

Answer Key

The following answers read from left to right:

  1. voyage
  2. surveying
  3. expedition
  4. Answers will vary.


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