Math Yellow Pages For Students And Teachers by INCENTIVE PUBLICATIONS IP890

Number Concepts & Relationships • Identify even and odd numbers• Identify prime and composite numbers• Order whole numbers• Order integers• Order fractional numbers• Order decimal numbers• Recognize ordinal positions (first through tenth)• Recognize a whole as greater than any of its parts• Understand the value of 0• Understand and use the concepts of equality and … Read more

Archaeology Digging Deeper to Learn About the Past by INCENTIVE PUBLICATIONS IP4361

Chapter 1Discovering Aspects of Ancient Life through Artifacts The word archaeology comes from the Greek language and means “to study what is ancient.”Archaeologists excavate artifacts—including bones, pottery, coins, building materials, and other ancient remains—to learn as much as possible about the lives of people from the past. All aspects of ancient life are of interest … Read more

The Definitive Middle School Guide by Incentive Publications IP1977

The effective middle school organizational structure affords: • articulation between the elementary school and the middle school that is enhanced by increased communication and a student-centered focus. Articulation between the middle school and the high school is also an important aspect of the program. • flexible block scheduling to allow for varied learning activities, grouping … Read more

Social Studies Fair Projects and Research Activities by Incentive Publications IP2676

Appendix – 91 Sample Letter to Parents Tips for Parents/Guardians Sample Letter to Students Decision Making: Topic for Research Project Research Proposal Sheet Social Studies Project Rubric Suggested Roles of Responsibility Judge’s Score Sheet Checklist for the Completed Project Best Web Sites Certificate Answer Key – 106Social Studies Project Title Cards – 110

The Early Learning Teacher’s Plan Book Plus by INCENTIVE PUBLICATIONS IP6251

Class Record Why is the library the tallest building in town?Because it has the most stories! Birthdays Records (List the names and dates of student birthdays for each month) JanuaryJan. 12, 1412 — Joan of Arc, warrior, saint FebruaryFeb. 6, 1895 — Babe Ruth, baseball player MarchMar. 14, 1879 — Albert Einstein, scientist AprilApr. 21, … Read more

Selling Spelling to Kids Grades 2–5 by Incentive Publications – IP0608

SPELLING DEMONS guaranteeguardheightheroeshopingimmediatelyincidentallyincredibleindependentintelligenceinterestirrelevantislanditsjealousjudgmentknowledgelaboratorylengthlicenselosingmaintenancemeantmedicinenecessaryneighborneithernickelnieceninthoccasion occurredoccurrenceomissionomittedopinionopportunityoriginalpaidparallelparticularlyperceiveperformpersonalplannedpossessionpossibilitypracticalpracticallypracticepreferredprincipalprivilegeprobablyprocedureproceedpursuequestionnairereallyreceiptreceiverecommend referencereferredresponsibilityrhythmsafetyschedulesecretaryseizeseparateseveralshouldersignificantsimilarsincerelysociallystationarystationerysucceedsurprisetemporarilythereforethoroughthroughtragedyundoubtedlyuntilusingusuallyWednesdayweirdwriting CONTENT AREA WORDS TO SPELL AND USE Math:arithmeticalgebrageometryadditionplussubtractionminusdividemultiplyfractionmeasurecountcompute Language Arts:readingword attackcomprehensionfictionliteraturefluencyphonicsnovelwritingcreative writingprocess writinggrammarsentenceparagraphreportspeakinglisteningspelling Social Studies:Earthplanetspacemapglobestatenationcontinenthemisphereoceangeographyanthropologyeconomicssociologyhistory Science:computer technologyphysical scienceEarth scienceresearchmicroscopetelescopebiologyphysicschemistrylaboratoryscientificsolar systemexplorationexperiment Table of Contents Introduction – 7Vowel Voyage – 8Pick•A•Pocket – 10Red-Hot Rules – 12Consonant Pairs – 14Alphabet Adventure – 16Perfect Ending – 18Blender’s Bag – 20Consonant Cranny – 22Freaky Fortunes … Read more

The HOMESCHOOLER’S PLUS! PLAN BOOK by Incentive Publications – IPE6255s

Choosing the rightTeach your student(s) how to use a variety of reference materials. Make sure you work with these: atlas, almanac, dictionary, biographical dictionary and other specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, magazines, newspapers, thesaurus, yearbook, the Internet, movies, filmstrips, videotapes, and CDs.Finding information in the libraryHelp your student(s) learn the way around a library. Include these … Read more

As READING PROGRAMS Come and Go … this is what you need to know! by Incentive Publications – IPE2712s

Without a firm grip on the skills and strategies of the reading process, students are lost in a sea of information. Today, millions of Americans teeter on the brink of functional illiteracy without the tools necessary to handle basic reading requirements. Filling out job applications, reading menus or maps, weeding out extraneous information, comprehending the … Read more

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An Educational Resources Pioneer Since 1968. Incentive Publications specializes in middle school educational resources and effective teaching strategies for grades K-12. The company offers more than 400 titles that are available through over 2000 retailers. IP publications are correlated to or written based on learning standards and testing benchmarks. Incentive Publications is a member of the National Middle School Association, the Association of Educational Publishers, and the National School Supply and Equipment Association.

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