Reading Elementary Language Literacy Lessons Series by Incentive Publications IP3311

Word Recognition and Usage Skills

Different Homes for Different Folks

Carpenter Jones built these two houses for the Johnson family and the Jackson family. Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Johnson are life long friends, and wanted homes exactly alike.

Even though Mr. Jones prided himself on building “one-of-a-kind” homes, he agreed to build these two houses just alike. However, habits are hard to break and Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Johnson found ten differences in the two houses. When the two ladies pointed out the differences to Mr. Jones, he just shook his head and said, “Oh, well, I never wanted to build two houses exactly alike, anyway!”

Find and circle ten differences in the families’ houses.

Add three more details to both houses that are exactly alike and three more details that are different.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Birds in the Bush

The birds in the Bird World Park have gone into hiding.
Time yourself to find how quickly you can locate and circle 25 birds.
Record your time.

Five members of one bird family became separated during their frantic search for hiding places.
Find and color the five birds belonging to the same family.
(Hint: you will need to use your blue crayon.)

Add a safely hidden nest to the picture for the bird family.

Reading Incentive Publications IP3311 Table of Contents

How to Use this Book – 7
Standards Matrix – 8
Skills Checklist – 10
Different Homes for Different Folks – (visual discrimination) – 12
Birds in the Bush – (visual discrimination) – 13
Supply the E – (short and long vowels) – 14
Alphabet Antics – (beginning sounds) – 15
Pick a Picture – (beginning sounds) – 16
A Splendid Spider Web – (consonant blends) – 17
Sly Blends – (consonant blends) – 18
A Funny Phonics Flower Garden – (using phonics) .19
Rhyme Find – (recognizing rhyming words) – 20
Rhymes on the Line – (recognizing rhyming words) .21
Star Light, Star Bright – (recognizing rhyming words) .22
Mystery Mountain – (rules for syllabication) – 23
Magician’s Makeover – (using suffixes) – 24
Prefix Go-Round – (using prefixes and suffixes) – 25
Contraction Action – (using contractions) – 26
Compound Top – (using compound words) – 27
Pick the Plurals – (interpreting plurals) – 28
Two of Everything – (interpreting plurals) – 29
The Leprechaun’s Music Box – (using sight vocabulary) – 30
Family Fun – (using picture clues) – 31
King Wiseapple’s Rebus – (using rebuses) – 32
The Dwarf ’s Story – (using context clues) – 33
Pack the Basket – (defining words by classification) – 34
Hot Dog Hang-Up – (defining words by classification) – 35
Royal Words – (defining words by classification) – 36
Homonym Homework – (recognizing and using homonyms) – 37
Picture the Meaning – (interpreting and conveying meanings of familiar words) – 38
Off to Battle – (recognizing word relationships) – 39
Goblins and Hobgoblins – (using descriptive words) .40
Which is What? – (using descriptive words) – 41
A Bag of Words – (using descriptive words) – 42

Comprehension and Independent Reading Skills – 43
Flying High! – (associating words with feelings) – 44
What Does it Look Like? – (forming sensory impressions) – 45
In the Middle of the Night – (forming sensory impressions) – 46
Through an Open Window – (using picture and idea association) – 47
Elves in the Picture – (recalling information read and selecting facts to remember) – 48
A Fruitful Memory – (remembering details from pictures) – 49
It’s A Fact! – (distinguishing between fact and opinion) – 50
After Mother Goose – (finding the main idea) – 51
Kahlil the Shepherd – (identifying topic sentences) – 52
A Spring Storm – (reading to find details) – 53
Far-Out Facts – (reading to find details) – 54
What Goes When? – (arranging ideas or events in sequence) – 55
Royal Conclusions – (drawing conclusions) – 56
Change the Story – (drawing conclusions) – 57
Concluding Conclusions – (drawing conclusions) – 58
The Other Side of It – (distinguishing between cause and effect) – 59
Just Because – (distinguishing between cause and effect) – 60
Oops, Wrong Page! – (using the dictionary) – 61
A B C Bakery – (alphabetical order) – 62
A Marsupial Puzzle – (determining what reference source to use,and using multiple resources) – 63
Punctuation Pointers – (understanding and using punctuation) – 64
A Plain Paper Plane Plan – (following directions) – 65
Fruit Salad – (following directions) – 66
After the Rain – (following directions) – 67
Jewelry Fit for a Queen – (following directions) – 68
A Busy Barnyard – (following directions) – 69
Know Your Newspaper .(taking notes from reading) .70
Research an Animal – (determining what reference source to use,and using multiple resources) – 71
Ari’s Story .(reading for meaning) – 72
Be a Word Bird .(extending vocabulary) – 73
A Letter to the Author – (developing reading appreciation and independence) – 74
Appendix – 75
_’s Book Stack – 76
Answer Key – 77-79

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