Powerful Vocabulary Grade 6 Teachers Edition by Scholastic SC-0439640628-964062

Lesson 17 Words About Algebra – 136Lesson 18 Words About How Plants Make Food – 143Lesson 19 Words About Earthquakes – 150Lesson 20 Words About Civilizations – 157Lesson 21 Words About Pollution – 164Lesson 22 Test-Taking Words – 171 Words About How Plants Make Food Learn Words About A New Subject Vocabulary Words: carbohydrates chlorophyll … Read more

November Monthly Idea Book by Teacher’s Friend TF-1100 – SC-0439503795

November 4THToday marks the birthdate of American humorist WILL ROGERS, in 1879. (Read a few famous quotes by Will Roger’s to your students.) November 5THEngland’s GUY FAWKES DAY has been celebrated on this day since 1905. (Ask students to research the reason the British celebrate this day.) November 6THJOHN PHILIP SOUSA, America’s “March King,” was … Read more

Building Foundations in Math Shapes by Scholastic SC-0439458722-945872

describing attributes of shapes, including those with lines of symmetry patterning with shapes taking apart shapes and putting them back together relating ideas in geometry to ideas in number and measurement recognizing geometric shapes and structures in the environment As children build with blocks again and again, they develop understandings of relationships among shapes. Two … Read more

Candidates, Campaigns & Elections by Scholastic SC-0545035147-503514

The pages that follow contain activities, games, information, handouts, and literature tie-ins for students of different ability levels and different learning styles. Students will learn the chronology of an election, the tricks to writing a good campaign speech, and some ways to analyze a speech for propaganda. They’ll follow a candidate throughout an election, report … Read more

October Monthly Idea Book by Teacher’s Friend TF-1000 – SC-0439503787

October 4THThe U.S.S.R. launched the first man-made satellite, SPUTNIK, on this day in 1957. (Gather a collection of space exploration books from the school library for your students to read.) October 5THCHESTER A. ARTHUR, the 21st United States President, was born on this day in 1830. (Have students find out how many presidents we have … Read more

Differentiating Instruction in Kindergarten by Scholastic Teaching Resources SC-0439870291-987029

Why do kindergarten teachers need this book? New and experienced teachers alike face the same dilemma as they plan meaningful instruction for our youngest primary learners: so often administrators and curriculum guides tell teachers what to do but not how to do it, and teaching with a differentiated approach is at the top of the … Read more

Sight Word Readers Teaching Guide by Scholastic SC-951182

The stories in these books are predictable and use a patterned/repetitive text supported by clear illustrations. By reading the books again and again—with you, in small groups, with the class, or independently—children will become familiar with these sight words and begin to “internalize” them. Using Explicit InstructionFor some children, explicit instruction is necessary to master … Read more

3-Minute Reading Assessments for Grades 1-8 by Scholastic SC-0545009154-500915

The DVD The 49-minute DVD is divided into six chapters. The first chapter introduces the assessments. Each of the next four chapters focuses on one aspect of the assessment: word recognition, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. The last chapter contains one complete assessment. The Professional Study GuideIn other sections of this guide, you’ll find everything you … Read more

September Monthly Idea Book by Teacher’s Friend TF-0900 – SC-0439503779

September 4THHAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! On this day in 1781, forty- four Mexican people colonized what was then a tiny settlement. (Ask students to find the meaning of the Spanish words “Los Angeles.”) September 5THThe FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS met on this day in 1774. (Students may wish to find on the classroom map the … Read more

Summer Idea Book by Teacher’s Friend TF-1604 – SC-0439499631

SUMMER COLLECTIONSEncourage students to collect simple souvenirs from the various places they visit during the summer. Examples might be postcards, maps, placemats, brochures, etc. At the close of summer, children can make a collage of their collection and share it with the class as they give an oral report of their travels. SUMMER MATHKeep students … Read more

The Substitute Teacher Resource Book for Grades 3-5 by Scholastic SC-043944411X-944411

Reading: Read-Aloud PlaysThe day before you are going to be absent, introduce a play, discuss the setting, and assign parts for the students. Have them read and study their parts as homework. Leave a copy with students’ names written by their parts and give the substitute directions to allow students to read the play out … Read more

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