Summer Idea Book by Teacher’s Friend TF-1604 – SC-0439499631

Summer Idea Book

ISBN 0-439-49963-1

When every day is bright sunshine, On a hammock, I’ll recline. A hammock strung between two trees Rocked and tossed by gentle breeze. Lying in the tree’s cool shade Sipping Mother’s lemonade. Lemonade will hit the spot In the summer when it’s hot. But there are other things to do, Swim and read to name a few. Tennis, ping pong and croquet Are perfect for a summer’s day.

A recipe for lemonade. This is the way that it is made. Measure one cup of each of these, Sugar, water, juice you squeeze. All of this you stir and mix. Lemonade is fun to fix. Add water now, one quart more, Counting cups that would be four. In hot weather, add to the mix, Several ice cubes, five or six.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Encourage students to collect simple souvenirs from the various places they visit during the summer. Examples might be postcards, maps, placemats, brochures, etc. At the close of summer, children can make a collage of their collection and share it with the class as they give an oral report of their travels.

Keep students up on math facts, even through the summer vacation, with this simple activity. Ask each student to bring in enough self-addressed, stamped envelopes for each week of the summer break. Once a week, during vacation, send one envelope to each child enclosing several practice math worksheets. Parents can become involved by checking the completed sheets. Students will improve their math skills and, at the same time, have the enjoyable experience of receiving mail from their teacher each week!



This game offers an exciting way to introduce students to the summer season. Give each child a copy of the bingo words listed below or write the words on the chalkboard. Ask students to write any 24 words on his or her bingo card. Use the same directions you might use for regular bingo.


Table of Contents

Who Uses This Book – 8
What You’ll Find In This Book – 8
How To Use This Book – 8
Mobiles – 9
Clip Art Pages – 9
Place Cards or Nametags – 9
Poetry – 10
Stand-Up Characters – 10
Bulletin Boards – 10
Whatever You Do – 10

Summer News! – 12
Summertime Activities! – 13
Summer Bingo – 14
Picture Postcards – 15
Summer Bulletin Boards! – 16
Splash Character! – 17
Picnic Basket! – 18
Picnic Goodies! – 19
Summer Travels! – 21
Suitcase Travels! – 22
Sundial Pattern! – 24
Summer Mobile! – 26
Summertime Characters! – 28
Matching Pail and Shovel! – 30

JUNE – 31
June Writing Page – 32
June Awards – 33
June Newsletter! – 34
June Clip Art! – 35
June Activities! – 36
Welcome Booklet – 37
June Bulletin Boards! – 38
Doughnut Booklet! – 39
My Plans for the Future! – 40
June Fun Glasses! – 41
Deep Blue Sea Mobile! – 42
Stand-Up Fish! – 45
Father’s Day Activities! – 46
Stand-Up Dad! – 47
Father’s Day Coupon Book – 48
Father Writing Page – 52

JULY – 53
July Writing Page – 54
July Awards – 55
July Activities! – 56
July Newsletter! – 57
July Fun Glasses! – 58
July Clip Art! – 59
July Bulletin Boards! – 60
Ice Cream Monitors! – 61
My Ice Cream Book – 62
The Flag of the United States of America – 63
Uncle Sam Character! – 64
Statue of Liberty! – 65
Statue of Liberty Crown! – 66
Liberty Torch Pattern! – 67
Uncle Sam Beard Pattern! – 69
Uncle Sam Hat! – 70
Stand-Up Shuttle! – 71
Movable Astronaut! – 72
My Space Shuttle Book – 75
If I Were Stranded On the Moon – 76

August Writing Page – 78
August Awards – 79
August Activities! – 80
What I Didn’t Do On My Summer Vacation! – 81
August Newsletter! – 82
August Clip Art! – 83
August Bulletin Boards! – 84
My Watermelon Book – 85
Footsteps! – 86
August Sunglasses and Visor! – 88
Stand-Up Stars! – 89
Clean Up Game Board – 90
Ecology Mobile! – 94
Ecology Button – 98

Baseball Activities! – 100
Baseball Bingo – 101
Baseball Character! – 102
Matching Baseballs and Mitts! – 103
Creative Writing Baseballs! – 104
Batter Up Baseball Board Game – 106
Baseball Bulletin Boards! – 108
Catcher’s Mitt Booklet! – 109
Baseball Booklet! – 110
Baseball Characters! – 111

About Teacher's Friend Publications, Inc.

Teacher's Friend Publications, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Karen Sevaly. Her vision was based on producing a series of motivational and fun monthly idea books that could be reproduced by teachers in elementary classrooms. These books were the first publications to give teachers cute, bold patterns and creative activities compiled in a reproducible monthly format. Scholastic has acquired Teacher's Friend.

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