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This book is divided into four sections: School Situations, Mysteries, Tall Tales, and Just For Laughs. These categories are specifically chosen to appeal to your students. For example, students are likely to relate to the School Situations section, which features characters who might seem familiar. In “The Cool Table,” for instance, Sara abandons her best friend Sue to try to break in with the popular crowd. But Sara is in for a surprise. Meanwhile, the Just For Laughs section includes the mini-play “The Fearsome Four vs. the Giant Paperboy From Outer Space.” Obviously, this is very different dramatic fare than the plays in the Mysteries or Tall Tales section.

Each mini-play features about six to eight characters. In each play, the dialogue for half of the characters rates between 1.0 and 2.9 on the Spache Readability Index.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

And, in order to present their characters convincingly to the audience, they need to comprehend their parts as well. To sum up, these mini-plays give students an authentic reason for repeated reading and thereby help them develop fluency and comprehension.

PLAY School Situations – The New Kid


• Narrator 1
• Narrator 2
• Fran
• Hannah
• Danielle
• Chris

Narrator 1: Hannah was the new kid in school. On her first day, she was very nervous. All the other kids knew each other really well. They all seemed to fit right in.

Narrator 2: Hannah wondered if she would ever make friends. The first person Hannah met was Fran. Fran was known as a big talker.

Fran: Where did you move here from? Do you live close to the school? How do you like it so far? Who is your closest, most super special new friend? Do you have any really juicy gossip? Don’t hold anything back. Tell me absolutely everything.

Hannah: I moved here from across town. This seems like a really great school so far.

Narrator 1: That was all Hannah could think of to say. She wasn’t sure exactly how to talk to Fran yet. Meanwhile, Fran caught up with her friends Danielle and Chris. Fran shared what she had learned about the new kid.

Fran: That Hannah sure doesn’t have much to say. Maybe she’s shy. Maybe she’s stuck on herself. She is as quiet as a teeny little mouse.

Narrator 2: The next person Hannah met was Danielle. Danielle was great at sports.

Danielle: We are playing basketball at recess. We need another person so that the teams will be even. You look like you would be good at basketball. Do you want to play?

Hannah: I’m not sure. I have never played before.

Narrator 1: Hannah wished she hadn’t said that. She realized she should have simply said yes. Meanwhile, Danielle caught up with her
friends Fran and Chris. Danielle shared what she had learned about the new kid.

Danielle: I will tell you one thing. This new girl has never even played basketball. She must be bad at sports.

Narrator 2: The next person Hannah met was Chris. He was the class clown. Chris: Look at me, look at me. I can cross my eyes and touch my tongue to my nose at the same time. Now I’m doing it standing on one leg. Do you want me to do it while floating in the air?

Hannah: I guess so. Can you really do that?

Narrator 1: Hannah was embarrassed. She certainly knew Chris couldn’t float in the air with his eyes crossed and his tongue touching his nose. But she had just met him. Meanwhile, Chris caught up with his friends Fran and Danielle. Chris shared what he had learned about the new kid.

Chris: I made this really wacky face. Then I said I was going to float in the air. I think she believed me. That new girl has no sense of humor.

Narrator 2: All the kids decided to play soccer at recess instead of basketball.

Hannah was glad. She was good at soccer. She even hit the ball with her head. She scored a goal that way.

Hannah: That was fun. I think I really used my head. We are winning by just one goal now. Let’s keep the other team from scoring.

Narrator 1: The kids saw a different side of Hannah now.

Fran: She doesn’t seem so terribly shy.

Danielle: I think she is pretty good at sports.

Chris: I cracked up when she said, “I really used my head.” I think she’s pretty funny, too. Hey, Hannah, do you want to have lunch with us tomorrow?

Hannah: I am very busy tomorrow. I am climbing the world’s tallest mountain. At the top I am giving a speech to a thousand people. Just kidding! I would love to have lunch with you, Danielle, and Fran.

Narrator 2: Hannah was already starting to fit in. By the end of her first day of school she had three new friends.

Table of Contents

Introduction – 4

School Situations
The New Kid – 7
The Cool Table – 10
A Rumor Going Around – 13
Extreme Eddy – 16
Borrowing Bob – 18

Who Took the Cake? – 21
The Giant of Gumville – 24
The DeCrunchy Code – 27
Annelise, the Animal Detective – 30
The Haunted Tree House – 33

Tall Tales
Paul Bunyan – 36
Rip Van Winkle – 39
Mississippi Mosquitoes – 42
Pecos Bill – 44
Johnny Appleseed – 47

Just for Laughs
The Fearsome Four vs the Giant Paperboy From Outer Space – 50
Slow Sports Network – 53
Some Wisdom Is Dumb – 56
Welcome to Oddville – 59
News Travels Fast – 62
Reading Level Key – 64

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