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What Time Is It? Worksheet

Read this information about clocks.Think about the meanings of the words in bold type.

What time do you have to be at school? Perhaps you take the bus or walk at the same time every day. How do you know what time it is? You read a clock.

There are many kinds of clocks. Some clocks have a face and 2 hands. The hour hand is the short hand. It tells you the hour. The minute hand is longer. It tells you the minutes past the hour. Some clocks also have a second hand. It moves past the minute hand and the hour hand. It counts the seconds.

A clock with a face and 2 hands is an analog clock. You read the time by looking at the 2 hands. What time is it when the hour hand is on the 7 and the minute hand is on the 5?

Another kind of clock is a digital clock. You may have seen digital clock radios. They do not have a clock face. You see the time in numerals. What time is it when the numerals show 7:25?

Which clock do you think is easier to use—the analog or the digital clock? Why?

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Tick Tock, ‘Round the Clock! Worksheet

Also . . .

  1. How could you use a clock with a second hand?
  2. How many numerals does a clock face show?
  3. Draw pictures of the clocks in your house. Which clock do you use the most?

Tick Tock, ‘Round the Clock!, Worksheet 2

One Minute,Two Minutes…

  1. Many clocks have drawings on the __.
  2. A clock with a face and 2 hands is an __ clock.
  3. The shorter __ on clocks count the hours.
  4. There are 12 __ on a clock face.
  5. A clock radio might be a __ clock.
  6. A stop watch usually has a __ hand.
  7. There are 24 __ in a day.
  8. There are 60 __ in an hour.

Hour by Hour
Why do you think the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand? Write your answer.

Answer Key – Tick Tock, ‘Round the Clock!

The following answers read from top to bottom and left to right:

1.–3. Answers will vary.

  1. face
  2. analog
  3. hands
  4. numerals
  5. digital
  6. second
  7. hours
  8. minutes


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