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Jim Carrey Activity

How would you picture Jim Carrey as a student? Quiet and shy or a “class clown”? A straight-A student or a high-school dropout? Actually, at different times in his life, he was all of these.

James Eugene Carrey, the youngest of four children, began life in Ontario, Canada, in 1962. As a boy, he loved to clown around at home. Jim’s father loved it when Jim acted silly. Percy Carrey would tell others, “He’s not a ham, he’s the whole pig!”

But in elementary school, Jim was a low-keyed loner. (“I didn’t know how to make friends.”) Then came junior-high school, and he wanted to be popular. “I found out that the things I did at home to entertain people also cracked up everyone at school,” he once recalled. “I started acting goofy, and everyone wanted to hang out with me.” Encouraged by Percy, young Jim took the stage one night at Yuk Yuk’s, a Toronto comedy club. Few people laughed.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Jim’s world fell apart one day in 1978. His father lost his job and had to sell the family home. The Carreys all took jobs at a tire-rim factory. Jim’s “fun times” came to an end. He soon found himself exhausted after sweeping floors all night. Jim remembers, “All I wanted was sleep after pulling eight hours in the factory.” Unable to keep up in school, the one-time straight-A student dropped out at sixteen.

The family members hated their work, especially Jim. (“It was awful and monotonous. I wanted to scream.”) Later, the Carreys managed to save some money and leave factory work.

Nouns – Jim Carrey

A noun is the name of a person, place or thing.

A common noun names any one of a class of persons, places or thing. Common nouns begin with lowercase (small) letters.

man city film

A proper noun names one particular person, place or thing. Proper nouns are capitalized.

Jim Carrey Toronto The Mask

Be careful! A word may be a noun in one sentence but not another. For example, can you name the common noun in this sentence?

Jim Carrey is a comic.
Did you choose “comic” as the common noun? That’s right!
Now, name the common noun in this sentence:

Jim Carrey is a comic actor.

Did you name “actor” as the common noun? Right again! In the sentence above, “comic” works as a describing word called an adjective. (We’ll do adjectives later.)

Let’s see how well you can do. Underline the words that are nouns in the list below.

Las Vegas

You were correct if you underlined floor, school, father, poverty, impressions, Las Vegas and Hollywood.
(All of these nouns are common nouns except for Las Vegas and Hollywood.)


Page 4. Assignment 1

  1. home (CN), Jim (PN), clown (CN). 2. Percy Carrey (PN), son (CN). 3. Jim (PN), school (CN). 4. people (CN). 5. customers (CN), Yuk Yuk’s (PN), Jim’s (PN), humor (CN). 6. Percy Carrey (PN), job (CN). 7. Jim (PN), floors (CN), factory (CN). 8. school (CN). 9. Carreys (PN), work (CN), factory (CN). 10. family (CN), months (CN). 11. Jim (PN), California (PN), career (CN). 12. Comedy Store (PN), Hollywood (PN). 13. Jim Carrey (PN), impressions (CN), Las Vegas (PN). 14. Hollywood (PN), lessons (CN). 15. The Duck Factory (PN), program (CN). 16. In Living Color (PN), Jim (PN), man (CN). 17. check (CN), future (CN). 18. success (CN), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (PN).

Page 4 Assignment 2
Jim Carrey (PN), student (CN), clown (CN), student (CN), dropout (CN), times (CN), life (CN), James Eugene Carrey (PN), youngest (CN), children (CN), life (CN), Ontario, Canada (PN), 1962 (CN), boy (CN), home (CN), Jim’s (PN), father (CN), Jim (PN), Percy Carrey (PN), others (CN), ham (CN), pig (CN), school (CN), Jim (PN), loner (CN), friends (CN), school (CN), things (CN), home (CN), people (CN), school (CN), Percy (PN), Jim (PN), stage (CN), night (CN), Yuk Yuk’s (PN), Toronto (PN), club (CN), people (CN), Jim’s (PN), world (CN), day (CN), 1978 (CN), father (CN), job (CN), home (CN), Carreys (PN), jobs (CN), factory (CN), Jim’s (PN), times (CN), end (CN), floors (CN), night (CN), Jim (PN), sleep (CN), hours (CN), factory (CN), school (CN), student (CN), members (CN), work (CN), Jim (PN), Carreys (PN), money (CN), work (CN), jobs (CN), poverty (CN), Jim (PN), camper (CN), months (CN), Jim (PN), 1979 (CN), seventeen-year-old (CN), Yuk Yuk’s (PN), time (CN), audience (CN), laughter (CN), Jim (PN), school (CN), California (PN), 1981 (CN), Hollywood (PN), star (CN) club (CN), Comedy Store (PN), Jim (PN), Las Vegas (PN), $200,000 (CN), year (CN), impressions (CN), people (CN), Jim (PN), more (CN), 1981 (CN), Hollywood (PN), lessons (CN), comedy (CN), The Duck Factory (PN), life (CN), shop (CN), shows (CN), Jim (PN), roles (CN), movies (CN), male (CN), comedy (CN), In Living Color (PN), show (CN), hit (CN), Jim (PN), name (CN) television (CN), stardom (CN), reach (CN), 1987 (CN), Jim (PN), check (CN), $10 million (CN), Thanksgiving (PN), 1995 (CN), success (CN), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (PN), Jim’s (PN), winner (CN), property (CN), salary (CN), millions (CN), films (CN), The Mask (PN), Dumb and Dumber (PN), Batman Forever (PN), Ace Ventura II (PN), The Cable Guy (PN), Liar Liar (PN), The Truman Show (PN), Man on the Moon (PN), others (CN), Jim Carrey (PN), $20 million (CN), movie (CN), 1990s (CN), fame (CN), sadness (CN), Percy Carrey (PN), 1994 (CN), funeral (CN), Jim (PN), check (CN), casket (CN), day (CN), Jim (PN), father (CN), credit (CN), success (CN), something (CN), death (CN), Jim (PN), smile (CN), dreams (CN).

Page 8. Assignment 1

  1. her (POS). 2. She (PER). 3. She (PER), it (PER), her (PER) 4. her (POS), her (POS). 5. her (POS), they (PER). 6. they (PER), her (PER). 7. She (PER), her (POS). 8. Her (POS), it (PER). 9. she (PER). 10. My (POS), her (PER). 11. She (PER), her (POS), their (POS). 12. her (POS), she (PER). 13. I (PER), You (PER). 14. She (PER), I (PER), She (PER). 15. This (DEM), her (POS). 16. She (PER), she (PER).

Page 8. Assignment 2
She (PER), she (PER), her (POS), I (PER), I (PER), she (PER), She (PER), she (PER), she (PER), She (PER), her (POS), her (POS), I (PER), this (DEM), her (PER), her (POS), She (PER), She (PER), It (PER), my (POS), me (PER), I (PER), my (POS), her (POS), She (PER), she (PER), she (PER), her (POS), you (PER), My (POS), She (PER), her (POS), It (PER), I (PER), She (PER), her (POS), she (PER), her (POS), she (PER), My (POS), It (PER), her (POS), mine (POS), Her (POS), her (PER), her (POS), I (PER), she (PER), she (PER), I (PER), she (PER), We (PER), your (POS), I (PER), their (PER), you (PER), I (PER), it (PER), She (PER), her (POS), I (PER), You (PER), She (PER), I (PER), I (PER), She (PER), herself (PER), I (PER), she (PER), it (PER), This (DEM), I (PER), I (PER), it (PER), she (PER), she (PER), herself (PER), she (PER), her (POS).

Table of Contents

Jim Carrey (Nouns) – 1-4
Brandy (Pronouns) – 5-8
Oscar De La Hoya (Verbs) – 9-12
Jackie Chan (Conjunctions and Interjections) – 13-16
Britney Spears (Review) – 17-20
Venus and Serena Williams (Adjectives) – 21-24
Shania Twain (Adverbs) – 25-28
Ricky Martin (Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases) – 29-32
Gabrielle Reese (Subjects and Predicates) – 33-36
Cameron Diaz (Review) – 37-40

Backstreet Boys (Direct and Indirect Objects) – 41-44
The Rock (Diagramming Simple Subjects and Predicates) 45-48
Jennifer Lopez (Diagramming Compound Sentences) – 49-52
LL Cool J (Diagramming Adjectives) – 53-56
Review – 57-58
Michelle Kwan (Diagramming Adverbs) – 59-62
Will Smith (Diagramming Prepositional Phrases) – 63-66
Jeff Gordon (Diagramming Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives) – 67-70
Christina Aguilera (Diagramming Direct and Indirect Objects) – 71-74
Review – 75-76

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