Best Teacher Lanyards: The Essential Guide

You’ll love the 30 best lanyards for teachers we found.

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Teacher lanyards have become a popular day modern school accessory. Lanyards come in various designs depending on their primary functions. Almost every part of the school lanyard can be customized, including its straps and holder. Teachers usually hang them on their necks or clip them on their shirt pocket/belt, which is more accessible than fumbling around in a bag or tote. Wrist lanyards have also become a standard item in most classrooms nowadays. So we set out to look for the best teacher lanyards we could find. First, let’s learn a bit about the most used types of lanyards in schools. 

Breakaway vs. non-breakaway lanyards: In the classroom, safety is vital, so let us begin with lanyard safety. Breakaway lanyards are usually made up of an adjustable elastic cord that’s easy to replace. On the other hand, non-breakaway lanyards are rigid and typically nonelastic. Breakaway lanyards can be separated when a bit of pressure is applied. It is essential to understand that the breakaway system is a safety feature in the lanyard. So it’s wise to ALWAYS use a breakaway version if there is any possibility that the lanyard could get caught on something around the school.

Beaded lanyards: Beaded lanyards are used by school staff and teachers to hold school ID cards. They can be ornamental and have the school’s logo and colors. Fundamentally a workplace piece of mandatory jewelry. Various styles of beads are used in the making of these necklaces, and the materials range from glass beads to more expensive crystal beads. 

Woven lanyards: Woven lanyards are incredibly durable and withstand daily wear and tear. Since woven lanyards are designed to last and not fade, they are an excellent choice for schools where identification badges are needed.

Retractable lanyard: Retractable lanyards are most suitable for those teachers and school staff who use keycards. The retractable cord stretches easily, permitting you to use them more conveniently than regular lanyards. When you are choosing a retractable lanyard, keep in mind the length of the cord. Some can be short, under 12″ inches to over 24 inches. The longer it is, the bulkier the reel and housing can be since schools can have many types of lanyard users, for example, a teacher or maintenance staff. It’s good to understand who the user will be and choose the appropriate lanyard for that department and/or situation. 

Width and Length: Opt for wide lanyards (typically around 0.75 to 1 inch) to comfortably display your ID badge, keys, and other attachments. The length should be appropriate to hang around your neck comfortably.

Attachment Options: Look for lanyards with various attachment options, such as swivel hooks, bulldog clips, or badge reels. These features allow you to easily attach your ID badge, keys, or other items. Ensure that the lanyard’s attachments are compatible with the type of badge holder you’ll be using. Some lanyards might have specialized attachments that work best with certain holders.

Ease of Use: Lanyards should be easy to put on and remove. Find designs that have user-friendly attachments so you can quickly attach and detach your items. Adjustable lanyards can be helpful to customize the length according to your comfort and needs. Lanyards often have slider mechanisms that allow you to adjust the length easily.

Durability: Check for reinforced stitching and high-quality clasps and connectors at critical stress points. Durability will ensure the lanyard is long-lasting, even with daily use.

Customization and Bulk Ordering: Some lanyard suppliers offer customization options, allowing you to add your school’s logo, name, or other details to the lanyard. Inquire whether the supplier provides bulk ordering discounts if you buy for a group of teachers or an entire school.

1. The best in the galaxy

We think teachers are our of this world!

2. Wristlet – the perfect small lanyard

Short wristlet lanyards are great for keeping keys handy at all times.

3. Boho style

Do you love Boho and need a lanyard for your school id? If you do, these look amazing!

4. Wooden bead necklace

We are sure you’ll find that this trendy wooden beads necklace goes with a good part of your “teacher closet.”

5. Custom crayon lanyard

If you teach preschool or at a daycare, these small cute small crayon charm custom lanyards can work as a name tag!

6. Alphabet line ABCs

We don’t care what anyone says; an alphabet line lanyard works for any grade.

7. Colorful owls

This Owl breakaway lanyard is a hoot.

8. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

This lanyard is not only for art class; Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a pure work of art.

9. Musical notes

If music is more your style, then this breakaway lanyard hits the right note.

10. Teacher notes that mean something to you

Three lanyards in one! Three swappable heartwarming teacher messages are always around your heart.

11. Lanyards for every month

This collection of 12 seasonal lanyards will have you all set for the entire school year. (You’ll even have some to celebrate the summer months).

12. Great for a science teacher gift

You don’t have to be Einstein to know that this E=MC2 science-themed lanyard will make a terrific teacher gift for some of your friends.

13. Lanyard with id holder numbers, abcs & math symbols

This 12 piece teacher lanyard with id holder set is simple and very cute; they include math equations, numbers, and letters.

14. Chemistry lab time

A few years ago, everything chemistry-related was super popular thanks to Breaking Bad. We think Chemistry should always be popular! (Seriously, how many of us learned about Werner Heisenberg for the first time?)

15. Wrist lanyards work great when you need a short lanyard

This wrist lanyard, AKA a wristlet, is a popular teacher gift year round- thank you! And since this is a 4 set, 4 thank yous!

16. The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements is definitely a science teacher’s favorite.

17. Black and leather are a perfect match

The uncomplicated elegance of this black and leather lanyard is just stunning.

18. Endless possibilities for the do-it-yourself teacher

For the DIY teacher. Single color strap lanyards with badge holders so you can make each one your very own.

An alternative use for lanyards – try them for classroom passes!

19. We wish chalkboards were this easy cleaned

We love these easy-to-clean chalkboard-styled hall passes. They go great with any classroom decor. They include the six most-used classroom hall passes: General Hall Pass, Girl, Boy, Office, Library, and Nurse.

20. These colors are always in style

Another favorite set of durable and colorful hall passes with lanyards for your students.

21. Marvel Superheroes and comic book have made their way into classroom

Superheroes and comics are a favorite for teachers and students, so why not decorate your classroom with this theme?

22. Rose Gold Leather ID + Rose Gold iPhone = LOVE

If you have a classic Rose Gold iPhone, this Rose Gold Leather ID Badge lanyard matches perfectly.

23. Adjustable lanyard for safety face mask

Never misplace a face mask again. Whether at school or any other place.

24. Lanyard with hand sanitizer

Lanyard attachable hand sanitizer bottles are cute a have a reasonable size and design. Keep them filled and always by your side.

25. Cute cupcake, owl, doughnut, smoothie sheep, and reindeer refillable bottles

Correction, did we say cute? Super cute hand sanitizer bottles for preschool. Hang one on your bag or tote and keep another around your neck.

26. Get your earplugs ready because these are LOUD. Sports Whistle Lanyard

A lanyard and whistle for PE and coaches is nothing new in schools. Since in almost every school sport, a whistle is required. We love the high-quality stainless steel of this three whistle set.

27. Retractable reel lanyards

Retractable reel lanyards are great for when you can’t have anything loose or dangling. This lanyard pack works for both women and men; these reels are sturdy and hold up to daily use. We also like that they function great with a standard id card holder or with keys.

28. Beaded Pencil Lanyard

This adorable lanyard made to look like a pencil using silicone beads is a creative teacher accessory. The beaded pencil lanyard is lightweight and comfortable with smooth textured breakaway rope. This accessory will quickly become your favorite school lanyard.

29. Cute Teachers Lanyard and ID Badge Holder Set

The cheerful school-themed print on this lanyard will bring smiles throughout the day. This breakaway lanyard set also includes a matching ID badge holder and a retractable clip to keep keys and ID handy.

30. Boho Lanyard Set

The cheerful school-themed print on this lanyard will bring smiles throughout the day. This breakaway lanyard set also includes a matching ID badge holder and a retractable clip to keep keys and ID handy.

Lanyard History:

The earliest historical reference to using lanyard-styled cord or rope to attach something semi-permanently was in France in the 15th century: a “lanière” was used by the French military in the 1400s in various manners. For example, lanyards were used to secure a whistle, sword, knife, or pistol to a soldier’s uniform or bag.
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