Is the Moon Made of Cheese? by Harcourt Achieve Inc

Is the Moon Made of Cheese? Worksheet

Read this information about the moon.Think about the meanings of the words in bold type.

Have you ever heard that the moon is made of cheese? Why does the moon look like cheese?

Yellow moons can look like cheese. Sometimes the moon is bright yellow. Other times it is pale yellow. The moonlight we see is really sunlight. The light from the sun shines on the moon. Then it bounces back to Earth.

Moonlight is bright or pale because of clouds. When the night sky is clear, the moon is bright yellow. When there are clouds, the clouds hide the moonlight from Earth. The moon is pale. When there are many clouds, you can not see the moon at all. But it is always there in the sky.

The moon moves around Earth. It takes 29 days for the moon to move one time around Earth. The moon is always moving. We see only the part of the moon where the sunlight is shining.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

When the moon looks big and round, it is a full moon. That is when we see the whole lighted side of the moon. As it moves, we see less of the lighted side. Soon we see only a half moon. As it moves more, we see less and less of the lighted side. Soon we see only a thin slice of the moon. It is a crescent moon. When the lighted side of the moon faces away from Earth, we cannot see the moon at all. It is called a new moon.

On a clear night, look at the moon. Is it yellow? Does it look like cheese?

Many Moons Worksheet

Label each drawing with the words.
crescent moon
full moon
new moon
half moon

Also . . .

  1. How does sunlight become moonlight?
  2. When is the moon bright yellow?
  3. When is the moon pale yellow?

Many Moons Worksheet 2

Moon Moves

  1. light that comes from the sun _______.
  2. the name for a big round moon _______.
  3. light that is hidden by clouds _______.
  4. the moon when you cannot see it at all _______.
  5. the moon when it is half full _______.
  6. the moon when it is a thin slice _______.
  7. light that is not hidden by clouds _______.
  8. the light bouncing from the moon _______.

Moon Watch
Look at the moon each night for 1 week. Write what you see.
Draw a picture of the different moons you see.

Answer Key – Many Moons

Answer Key
The following answers read from top to bottom and left to right:

new moon
half moon
crescent moon
full moon

1.–3. Answers will vary.

  1. sunlight
  2. full moon
  3. pale
  4. new moon
  5. half moon
  6. crescent moon
  7. bright
  8. moonlight

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