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Photos Of Teacher Created Charts Table of contents

Introduction – 4
Why Use Charts in the Classroom? – 5
How to Use This Book – 6
Getting Started With Teaching Charts – 7
Making the Most of Teaching Charts – 8

The Charts
Classroom Management – 12
Literacy – 26
Math – 71
Science and More – 96

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WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Classroom Management

  1. Welcome to Our Classroom!
    This charming chart serves as a warm welcome to parents visiting their child’s classroom on Back to School Night. Print the greeting across the top of the chart paper (or have children use their cooperative writing skills to create this message) and then have children use different-colored markers to sign their names to the message. Variations include: “Welcome to Our Classroom!” “We Welcome You to Ms./Mr. _’s Class!” and “Our Class Welcomes Friends and Family!”
  2. Daily Count-Up and Sign-In
    This chart invites children to sign themselves in to class as they count the first 100 days of school. Create numbered blank spaces on a sheet of chart paper (one for each child you’re expecting on the first day of class). At the top of the chart, print a cheerful welcome message inviting children to your classroom. Add the date and which day this represents in the school year (e.g., “Happy 1st Day of School!”) Post your chart at the children’s eye level or place on a table near the entrance to your classroom. Have a marker on hand so children can sign in as they arrive.

Terrific Tips: Laminate your chart and have children sign in using a dry erase marker. Preprint each child’s name in pencil on the chart. Help each child locate his or her name, and then have each child use the marker to trace over his or her name.

  1. That’s What Friends Do
    Encourage students to suggest ways they can befriend each other. In addition to transcribing ideas from students—Friends share, Friends help each other—let them use collaborative writing to record their suggestions. (Look closely and you’ll see how a bit of white tape helped correct errors on the chart above so that all spelling and punctuation meets conventional standards.)
  2. School Bus Bar Graph
    Trace a small bus shape several times onto a piece of copy paper. Then reproduce and cut out one for each child. Invite children to print their names on the bus and color it. Use a piece of chart paper to list the bus lines the children will be taking home. You can also include a row for children who get picked up by car, and a row for those who walk home. Have each child place his or her bus on the chart to create a graph.

Terrific Tip: Ask, “Which bus has the least number of students from this class? The most? How many students travel home other ways?”

  1. Class Rules and Agreements
    To create an evolving class rules chart, use sentence strips and a simple sentence starter, “We agree that . . .” This allows the class to create new rules and “agreements” over time.
  2. How Can We Make This a Great Classroom?
    Begin by posing the question, “How can we make this a great classroom?” Then help children brainstorm a list of answers to provide a list of meaningful class rules. Children automatically understand the rationale for each rule, because each one answers the original question!

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