90+ Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas & Crafts for the 2022-2023 School Year

Celebrate Back to School Season with over 90 fun and unique classroom crafts and bulletin board decorations!

Is it back-to-back school time already?! Let us examine some of the most welcoming bulletin boards and exciting craft activities we can find. Let’s begin with bulletin board decoration ideas; we love that they provide practical information and warmly welcome students to help them get enthusiastic about a new year of learning.

We have made a fun list of our favorites that we are sure will help you quickly make your classroom welcoming for all. Also, if you are looking for premade bulletin board sets, we have made a list of the most popular this last year. (hint… Star Wars, Pete the Cat, Mickey, and Boho were on the top and the Cricut Basic Tool Set was a priceless time saver for DIY teachers.) Finally, we hope these decorating ideas and crafts will help you create the best possible experience for back to school!

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Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Welcome To First Grade

We love the clarity and how it can be used for any grade level!

2. Welcome Back – The Books Missed You

Black trimmers, wood paper, and colorful construction paper let your imagination go wild.

3. Check Out Our New Pack

Perfect for a preschool or kindergarten back-to-school design, the students’ names haven’t been added to the crayons yet.

4. Welcome To Kindergarten You’ll Fit Right In 

Welcome to kindergarten – puzzle pieces never fail!

5. Racing Into Kindergarten 

This racetrack bulletin board design is great for a large board or wall space.

6. We All Fit Together In Our Class Jigsaw Design

Using your students’ names and pictures with jigsaw puzzle pieces will be sure to make this bulletin board as unique as you are!

7. Welcome Back Our World Just Got A Whole Lot Brighter

Source: @hollamshartig

Rainbow board decorations and dots with big letters – what a great look!

8. Welcome Back Your School Missed You

Source: @hollamshartig

Let them know the school has missed them. We are sure they’ve missed you too.

9. If You Give A Kindergartener A Pencil

Source: @kc.kindergarten

Love the colossal pencil design. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activity that then becomes a bulletin board.

10. QR Code Interactive Back To School Board

Source: @teachstarter_us

An interactive board with a QR code that lets your students know about you! This one definitely takes some planning.

11. Guess Who Interactive Bulletin Board

An excellent manner for students to learn about the others in their classroom. This interactive “Guess Who” bulletin board is fun and engaging so students can get to know each other!

12. Welcome Back Bulletin Board Without Student Names

It’s always helpful to see how other teachers make bulletin boards in steps, and here we can seed a partially completed design before student names are added. Student names can be added with construction paper or premade bulletin board accents.

13. First Day Of Kindergarten

Black and white and perfect for the first day of class pictures!

14. I’m So Happy You’re Here

Positive reinforcement is always great for kids. This one is an excellent back to school door decoration. We have another article dedicated to more classroom door ideas.

15. This Is Your Year To Sparkle

Source: @artwithmrsperez

So much sparkle! Just love it.

16. Learning A Latte In 4th Grade

For the coffee lover in every educator. This layout works for the school office as well!

17. Clean Simple Welcome To Kindergarten

Source: @itsakinderlife

A colorful and quick design that is easy to set up.

18. Picture Yourself In Second Grade

Here is another board that uses student pictures. Pictures are a fun way to decorate and are always helpful to students to learn each other’s names!

19. You Can’t Spell Awesome Without “Me”!

One of the perfect ways to balance a back-to-school activity and reuse that activity on a board before parent’s night!

20. We Can’t “Mask” How Excited We Are To See You Back

21. Holy Guacamole You Are In 4th Grade 

Avocados and student names!

22. This Year Is A Rainbow Of Possibilities

Source: @teachingoncue

The distressed faux wood paper helps any background!

23. Anything’s “Popsicle” In Second Grade

For the ice cream lover in us with each student’s name.

24. Swim Into Second Grade

Another partially completed board with most of the student names on the fish, the sparkle blue trimmer looks terrific, and the hanging sign makes this one easy to reuse after the first few weeks of school.

25. Cue The Confetti Were Second Grade Ready

Big bright letters are always helpful in large areas!

26. Back To School Bulletin Board for the New Year

Source: @tulay_teacher

27. Buzz Into Kindergarten

Bee classroom boards are not only for the springtime!

28. World Changers Coming Soon

Source: @beckydotsnspots

A “board design” without a board; use your walls!

29. Every Piece Has A Place In 5th Grade

Source: @flamingoin5th

For elementary school teachers, puzzle pieces never fail to work.

30. We Are Who We Are Because They Were Who They Were

Source: @room28rocks

A positive message for the social studies area! Learn, inspire, and create.

31. Kick It Off To A Good Start

Source: @runningwaters12

Football-themed back to school board! You can customize this board style with your home team’s colors.

32. This School Is Better Because You Are In It

Source: @caitmarie1313

Creating reusable bulletin boards is not difficult with the proper planning. Soft board materials like these fluffs can be used often, so keep them in the “decoration ideas bag” when you are finished. After back-to-school, removing these letters leaves this board as a blank canvas ready to be used again!

33. We R2 Excited About Jr. High

Source: @miss.medellin

STAR WARS is always a popular choice. With so many characters and story-lines, students and teachers are definitely fans of these designs.

34. Yay You’re Here

Source: @mclashay

We love the festive celebration of each student! YAY!!!!

35. Pawsome Work

Source: @tvcarty

PAWsome designs are super cute and can be utilized with either cat or dog boards.

36. Growth Mindset

Positive and inspiring messages are never out of style so start the year with the right mindset!

37. We Are Ready To Grow

Colorful plants on a wooden background, add your students’ names, and you are ready to start teaching!

38. Shine Bright In 3rd Grade

Radiant and colorful designs are sure to liven any classroom!

39. Llama Theme Time! Third Grade Is No Problama

There is no “Problama” with llamas in the classroom.

40. Flamingos – Our Flock Rocks

“Our flock rocks” is super customizable! While this design idea uses flamingos, you can use almost any bird design. Teacher TIP: use one of your native birds as the silhouette for the students’ names!

41. Owl Themed Bulletin Board

Owls are always one of our favorite hoots!

42. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Welcome To Our Classroom

ChickaChicka makes any Pre-K-K classroom unforgettable!

43. Dive Into Learning

This octopus and under the sea bulletin board is one of the more complex designs, but WOW! The are numerous uses for this vast board. Make sure you have plenty of purple construction paper!

44. Take A Byte Out Of 6th Grade

Classic Pac-Man FTW!

45. Its Going To “Bee” A Great Year In 3rd Grade

Source: @mrshayes3

Another outstanding “Beeutiful” class design!

46. Lets Have A Llama Fun This Year 

Source: @lottsoflearning

Llama Llamas sure make students feel at home, away from home.

47. Climb Aboard Explorers

Another excellent ocean theme board! A colossal manta ray with accent cutout fish and shimmering seagrass.

48. Planting Ideas And Growing Our Minds

Plants need time to grow, just like ideas in our minds. So we teachers “plant” them, and we are lucky to see them flourish! Using natural and live plants works perfectly in this scene!

49. Back To School Goal Setting

It’s never too early to set our goals for the school year. Let us do it from the start!

50. Back To School Classroom Door Banner

Source: @mrreynoldsroom

Remember to decorate your classroom door!

51. You Are O”Fish”Ally In Kindergarten

This happy huge school bus truly completes the welcome to kindergarten board!

52. Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

Each student is the apple on this tree. This is another example of an extremely customizable board that teachers can reuse after BTS!

Back to School Crafts

Back-to-school crafts and activities can complement our bulletin boards. Here we will look at some activities to get to know students and for students to learn and have fun in the process. With the proper planning, these back-to-school exercises can be used by teachers year after year with little if any additional work.

1. Our Class Is A Family Back To School Activity

Coloring activity and a student picture!

2. Little Chicka Boom Boom Craft

Source: @kinderbykim

A terrific Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-inspired message after the first day of school!

3. Welcome Back To School Cricut Shirt

Source: @paperprintsvg

For Cricut-loving teachers!

4. First Day Count The Letters In Your Name Activity

Source: @kc.kindergarten

First-day counting activity. Students count the letters in their names!

5. All About Me Spinner Craft

Source: @nontoygifts

Interactive spinning craft to learn about me!

6. Back To School Name Activity

Some of the most popular back-to-school crafts involve names and pictures; remember to have the pics ready!

7. School Bus Name Practice Activity

Source: @ohheyletsplay

The forever popular activity to start the new year. And this one incorporates name writing and gluing craft!

8. Mickey School Bus Popsicle Name Activity

Popsicle sticks crafts can be so much fun! Painting and gluing then on details to make each school bus different.

9. Back To School Craft Collection

Mark the occasion of the first and last day of school and recall each grade with great signs.

10. Popsicle Sticks Picture Craft

Making crafts into memories. For example, building popsicle stick school buses are an adorable way to hold that precious first day of school photo.

11. First Day Of School Name Hat Craft

Name hat crafts are a sensational way to start the first day of school. Practice writing their name, coloring, and then straight to making new friends.

12. French Bienvenue A Lecole Activity

Welcome to School coloring activity is perfect in any language.

13. Back To School Popsicle Stick Magnet Craft

Parents appreciate back-to-school craft magnets to help remember the first day of school.

14. First Day Of School Crayons Sign Craft

Source: @craftboxgirls

A Crayon box sign is a craft and photo prop. Allow for kids to help create their very own school sign to mark their first day of school.

15. My First Day And My New Friends Activity

Writing activities are the perfect way to ease any first-day jitters. Allow students to express their excitement or worries about new friends they made on their first day.

16. Back To School Activities Worksheets

Source: @missangy16

Coloring worksheets for the first day of school with space to make the special first day of school.

17. Back To School Arts Crafts Activities

Keeping the first day of school busy and fun will help curb first-day fears. Activities such as making fun, easy crafts that allow students to show off their creativity and practice coloring, sorting, and tracing will help everyone to get to know each other.

18. Pete The Cat Back To School Book Activities

Reading books with students’ favorite characters help the student relate to the first day of school uncertainties.

19. Back To School Teacher Gift Cake

Source: @cakecottage

Treating the class to a sweet welcome back-to-school snack is always fun.

20. Positive Character Traits Activity

Source: @funin5thgrade

Starting the year with a positive attitude will last through the school year. Creating an activity where students can express a positive attribute to be part of a collective “Who We Are” as a class bulletin board is a great team-building activity.

21. Jawsome Back To School Shark Activities

Writing exercises for students to show what they are looking forward to in the new school year is a great way to learn about your students.

22. Classroom Time Capsule Activity

Source: @rockinresources

Creating classroom time capsules are an inventive way to seize the moment and all the memories made throughout the year, starting from day one of school.

23. Simple Back To School Crafts

Popsicle stick photo holders and apple plate mosaic crafts are fun, memorable ways to practice simple skills such as cutting, painting, and gluing.

24. Calendario Para Ninos

Source: @madre.dedos

Dual lesson activities such as creating crafts that teach are always a plus: crayon calendar to teach the months and dates.

25. Handprints First Day Of School Tradition

The kissing hand is a sweet classic back-to-school book that makes a beautiful first day of school craft and memory.

26. Pete The Cat First Day Craft

Stories accompanied by crafts are a fun school activity. This Pete the Cat craft allows students to be creative and design a shoe of their own.

27. Kids Painting First Day Crafts

Source: @dossdesignco

Crafts can be fun to make students feel comfortable on their first day.

28. Back To School Name Tag Challenge

Having students’ design desk decor that shows their creativity and interests is a positive way for teachers to get to know their students.

29. Painted Some Handprints Craft

Handprint crafts create perfect memories of how small students were when they began their journey in school.

30. Back To School Crayon Challenge Day

Challenge your students to a coloring contest and watch the creativity come alive!

31. Back To School Friendship Sandwich

Activities inspired by stories read to the class will help students learn basic concepts and lessons discussed in the book.

32. Back To School Puzzle Activity

Source: @kc.kindergarten

Puzzles are a great activity to develop a long list of skills, from memory skills and problem-solving, but this activity also adds spelling practice.

33. A Letter To/From Your Teacher On The First Day Of School

Receiving a letter from your teacher is a delightful way to welcome students. It’s a perfect way for teachers to share something about themselves and tell students how excited they are for the new year.

34. Crayon Box Themed Letter Number Strips Activity

Make teaching the alphabet fun, for example, teaching students to recognize the letters when shown differently.

35. Welcome Back Getting To Know You Activity

Students will have fun learning about each other and how all the different pieces of the puzzle make up a wonderful you.

36. Back To School Writing Templates

Writing exercise help teachers learn about their students and allows students to express themselves.

37. Apple Alphabet Clip Activity

Source: @pencilsinprek

Letter recognition activities to ease into learning. This clothes pin alphabet activity also serves as fine motor practice.

38. Back To School Sudoku

Sudoku is so much fun! A great exercise to get students’ minds working after summer vacation.

39. Back To School Self Portraits 

Student self-portraits are an expressive and colorful way to introduce the class.

40. Geometric All About Me

Source: @_jackpotato_

Getting to know students and classmates is fun with a geometric craft.

We hope this collection of activities, crafts, and awesome back-to-school decorating ideas inspire you to make this year the very best school year! And remember, unique bulletin board ideas can start with inspiration from other teachers, so once you make yours, share it!

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