88 of the best ideas for decorating your classroom door

The door to your classroom says a lot. So let’s look for ideas from teachers with years of experience.

We all know that one, and if not, the best thing about being a teacher is sharing your knowledge with children who are yearning to discover new things. In addition, some teachers enjoy making a memorable and visually appealing area for their students that will encourage education and development. There are numerous ways to decorate your classroom, and classroom doors are one way to quickly create an inviting and welcoming classroom environment. For preschool and elementary-aged children, it is always good to start with what students recognize: the environment, nature, big-bold letters, and numbers. Then, as students grow, more intricate designs can be used to inspire and help teach.

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1. This is our classroom. This is us

You can make this design your very own with different bulletin board paper rolls.

2. When you enter this classroom, you are…

This type of classroom door decoration uses labels such as “You are Scientist, Authors, Important, Leaders.” There are infinite ways to make your students feel welcomed and, at the same time, show them that they are entering a positive learning environment. A solid color background lets your text stand out.

3. Student-made rainbow of possibilities.

Your students will smile each morning as they see their creations adorn their door.

4. A bright and colorful “A flower does not compete” banner for your door.

Source: @miss_cato_

A bright, wonderful message: A flower does not compete with other flowers. It just blooms. Using a Cricut makes cutting this much easier!

5. A bright and colorful “A flower does not compete” banner for your door.

There is nothing wrong with a few puns when you are decorating for the Holiday Season. Sometimes it’s a bit true.

6. Words of wisdom on the bookshelf

Printing QR Codes is definitely thinking when creating a “5 Steps of Design Thinking” theme. Using colored paper lets the QR codes stand out and makes them easy to read for more learning fun.

7. Words of wisdom on the bookshelf

Source: @missksullivan

A door display with positive reminders will never be out of style. Using solid color bulletin board borders makes it easy to change the door display throughout the year without starting from scratch.

8. Pop Quiz Door! Just who invented the traffic light? 

Door decorations are a great teaching tool. By the end of the lesson, I’m sure all your students knew the answer!

9. “This is us” class door on a marble paper background 

“We are” printable notes are inspirational and give students positive messages every time they arrive. The marble theme design looks fantastic!

10. Student activity and a door decoration!

We might all be different fish, but in this class, we like to swim together! We might all be different fish, but in this class, we like to swim together! If the students are under four, using a fish coloring book lets even the littlest learners color for the class door!

11. Reusing Starbucks Cups for a great door!

We love ENL a latte! I think some of us can save a weekend’s worth of Starbucks cups, and we can have this coffee drinker’s door finished!

12. 100th day of school smiles!

The 100th day of school is certainly a time to celebrate!

13. Let’s Talk About Heart Health

Teaching your class about health & hygiene is a lifelong lesson that will never get old.

14. Let’s see some amazing things happen here!

Source: @yearonesofun

Colors abound, and reaching for the stars is not hard to imagine here. This is an excellent example of only covering the window section of your classroom door; construction paper or bulletin board paper work equally well in this instance.

15. We are like a box of crayons!

Teaching that we are all truly unique and special starts from an early age.

16. A retro arcade Pac-Man door!

Source: @jmeyers2188

Making a Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man works for any grade level. Of course, a classroom is not ideal for a full-sized arcade game, but a Pac-Man Handheld Game Console can be relaxing.

17. The sky is the limit with a space-themed classroom.

Your students are the stars of the class.

18. We are wild about learning about rainforests!

Source: @missksullivan

Lessons about the tropics with this door display make learning a wild time.

19. A big tree full of howling owls!

Source: @missksullivan

This classroom door can be 100% student-made with some brown construction paper as the tree and some student-painted owls.

20. DIY Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree! 

Source: @theprekday

A do-it-yourself book-inspired coconut tree door decor that is super easy to make your own by adding student names or artwork will be a hit during back to school.

21. We are AWESOME!

A positive, inspiring message: Accepting, Willing, Empathetic, Supportive, Optimistic, Mindful, and Engaged.

22. Twinkle twinkle underwater star!

Cheerful and upbeat sayings help remind students how special every single one of them is.

23. If you smile, others will smile with you!

You can always be the reason someone smiles today.

24. DIY “We Are” door for Cricut lovers!

A Cricut is one of the best investments a teacher can make to customize their decorations. We are Explorers, Readers, Mathematicians, Writers, Scientists, Creators, Artists, and Problem Solvers!

25. DIY “We Are” door for Cricut lovers!

Source: @phe_prek

This classroom door might make me want to celebrate Taco Tuesday every other day! Some red, yellow, and green construction paper are the only requirements to make this incredible door.

26. Life is sweet in 4th grade!

Source: @jfarr14

Sunny pineapples and flamingos galore, the birds of a feather, surely learn together in this class.

27. Student Names with a little Chicka Chicka Boom Boom mixed in!

Source: @morganemilyg

Here is a tremendous kindergarten welcoming door using the first letter of each student’s name as the letter falling from the coconut tree.

28. Soar with OT and Speech!

Here let us use bulletin board accents to decorate with fluttering butterflies into your Occupational Therapy classroom.

29. An amazing teacher-made Buzz and Woody, you got a friend!

30. Yay, Peanuts classroom!

Who enjoys Peanuts classroom themes more? The teachers or students? We can’t decide; we have made a list of the best Peanuts-themed supplies we carry.

31. A large stenciled apple and the teacher’s name works year-round!

Source: @rileykdesigns

32. A superb LEGO-themed door!

Source: @mckinleykaty

We are building our way through _____ grade.

33. Pokemon art with Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle!

Source: @craftonanon

Gotta catch ’em all with this Pokemon class theme.

34. Let your dreams bloom is not only for Springtime!

Let your dreams bloom into something beautiful.

35. How many of us are cat fans?

Source: @denae_lynn

Our cat class is pawesome!

36. A good one for middle school English teachers!

English class motivation! READ! Let your dreams be your wings.

37. “When you enter this classroom.”  

You are scientists, explorers, authors, helpful, original, readers, singers, engineers, and supported.

38. Fans of Disney’s Tangled or Rapunzel will love this one.  

If you are the type of teacher that loves Rapunzel and decorating your door, let this design be your inspiration.

39. Celebrate May with a STAR WARS “May the 4th” be with you!

STAR WARS-themed boards are just plain awesome, and what is even better is that you can DIY them, or now take the easier route and use one of the official STAR WARS bulletin boards sets.

40. Students named jigsaw puzzle pieces!

Source: @sylvaine.ch

“We are the perfect fit” with large jigsaw puzzle pieces cut-outs around the door. (This is an excellent quick design that also works with glass doors.)

41. The future of the world…

Source: @sylvaine.ch

A bright-colored “The future of the world is in this room today” message with the Earth!

42. 100th Day of School class door!

Every school year begins with welcoming pupils back and forming beautiful memories together. So absolutely; go ahead and celebrate a Happy 100th Day of School!

Doors for Back to School Season

43. Welcome back to school with Dr. Seuss classroom door!

This is undoubtedly a Seuss-Tastic classroom. It’s easy to get back in “school mode” with this, getting ready to learn with Dr. Seuss and friends door.

44. Welcome back Pac-Man theme!

Source: @mx.taylorr

Pac-Man, “student” ghosts and a maze, simple A-maze-ing!

45. Blast off into the new school year!

46. Happy campers learn here!

Source: @theduckbrand

47. Welcome Chicken Nuggets!

Pick your favorite fried chicken and make it your classroom theme for your Lil chicken nuggets! Popeyes, Bojangles, KFC, or Chick-fil-A!

48. Hot Air Balloon Welcome!

49. When you learn, you grow!

50. Welcome back – the books missed you!

51. Ready to welcome the class of 2029!

52. Happy campers, you can move mountains!

53. Welcome to our pack!

54. Welcome, we’re are having a whale of a time!

Doors for February, Black History Month, & St. Valentine’s

55. Blowing kisses your way…

56. Put your heart into writing!

February door decor is filled with love.

57. Inspirational Black History Month Door!

Source: @dcline118

Speak, Educate, Believe, Dream, Lead, Fight, Think, Write, Build, Dare.

58. Love is an open door, and that means all are welcome!

59. Sweethearts door for little sweethearts!

60. Colorful AMOR – Spanish St. Valentine’s door.

Source: @amberduch

61. Celia Cruz Black History Month Celebration!

Source: @sra.speedy

Celebrate Black History Month with Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa. (La Reina de la salsa).

62. Deep roots harvest rich fruits!

Classroom Doors for Summer School

63. Ice cream summer adventure!

Welcome to preschool’s summer adventure. Use each student’s name in each ice cream ball.

64. Dive into Summer…

65. Summer vibes are happy vibes!

Classroom Doors for French & Languages

66. Modern Languages!

66. Modern Languages!

Classroom Doors for Math Teachers

68. Incorporate math into door decorations!

69. Spelling W.E.L.C.O.M.E. with stirring math posters!

70. Star Wars Baby Yoda – Yoda best at fractions!

Winter Classroom Doors

71. Chillin’ with my snowmies!

72. There’s Snow Place Like Pre-K!

Source: @missjaylina__

73. Will be snow much fun…

74. Penguins and snowy fun, so Let it Snow…   

Source: @pamiepam252

75. Everyone is welcome! Kindergarten is “snow” much fun! 

Source: @kellypolark

Science Classroom Doors

76. Elements of a successful student! 

Source: @craftyshanny2

Not exactly a scientific door design, but with the periodic table, every teacher can use it!

77. Science is Pawesome! 

Science is awesome + Dogs = Pure Pawesome!

78. Bubbles of happiness in the middle of the water! 

Learning about the environment and water, so why not use drops all around.

Spring Classroom Doors

79. Spring flowers – Today is a great day to be amazing!

Source: @craftyshanny2

80. Create a welcoming entrance for your rainbow classroom!

Source: @fromthepond

81. Welcoming your class or welcoming Spring, your class will soon be in full bloom.

82. We are a rainbow of possibilities!

83. Teaching is such a beautiful craft; we all bring our own zest!

84. Make Spring showers with 3D paper tissue paper!

85. A bunny-themed we “CARROT” believe it’s spring door!

Source: @chelseainsped

86. Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with an I am so lucky I have you decoration!

St. Patrick’s Day door with shamrocks and lucky horseshoes!

87. An Earth Day Dr. Seuss brings happiness to all!

Source: @bitny_rtae

We care about our Earth.

88. Brighten your Pre-K’s every Spring day!

Some classroom door decorations are holiday/seasonal, while others themes can be used most of the school year. Back to school themes are fun and welcoming, fall themes include Halloween and Thanksgiving designs. With so many fun winter characters in such a short period, most times, it’s best to stay with one design for all winter. Spring gives us many possibilities, it can be challenging to decide, and we even discover some summer door designs. Subject-specific categories are a lasting joy as well; be it math, science, art, or languages, we will find inspiration from the best classroom doors we could find by teachers for teachers.

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