Soaring to New Heights Grade 2-4 by Hayes School Publishing – H-CE201

A Guide to Character Development for Elementary Students

  1. What can you do really well? Can you ice skate, read, or cook dinner? Write a sentence telling what you can do really well.
  2. Why do you think you do this so well?
  3. What happens when you practice this skill?
  4. You also have many good character traits. A character trait is a quality that you have. For example, you may be helpful, kind, or respectful. Write a sentence about a good character trait you have.
  5. Why do you think you have this good trait?
  6. What happens when you practice this trait?

Sit in a circle with your classmates. Listen as each person tells about what he or she does really well. Then go around the circle again. This time, listen as each person tells about one of his or her good character traits. Show respect for the person who is speaking by listening carefully and quietly.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Introducing Ten Character Traits

You can learn about and develop ten good character traits.

Work with a classmate to match the traits with their meanings. Draw a line from the trait on the left to the meaning on the right.

  1. Friendship means
  2. Sharing means
  3. Appreciation means
  4. Respect means
  5. Tolerance means
  6. Kindness means
  7. Cooperation means
  8. Responsibility means
  9. Honesty means
  10. Courage means

A. showing others honor and consideration.
B. working with others as part of a team.
C. accepting others as they are.
D. being dependable.
E. letting others use or have something of yours.
F. caring for others and doing good deeds.
G. telling the truth.
H. standing firm for what is right.
I. valuing the good qualities of others.
J. enjoying being with others


Unit 1: Introduction
All About You – 1
Introducing Ten Character Traits – 2
Working Together: Creating a Class Quilt – 3
Working Together: Creating a Class Mobile – 4

Unit 2: Friendship
Getting Started with Friendship – 5
Creating a Friendly Classroom – 6
Feeling Left Out – 7
The Lion and the Mouse – 8

Unit 3: Sharing
Getting Started with Sharing – 9
The Rainbow Fish: Part I – 10
The Rainbow Fish: Part II – 11
Sharing Your Talents – 12

Unit 4: Appreciation
Getting Started with Appreciation – 13
Appreciating Your Classmates – 14
Appreciating Your Family – 15
Appreciating the Earth – 16

Unit 5: Respect
Getting Started with Respect – 17
Respecting Yourself – 18
Respecting Others – 19
A Game of Success – 20

Unit 6: Tolerance
Getting Started with Tolerance – 21
Accepting Others22
The Sad Little Crayon: Part I – 23
The Sad Little Crayon: Part II – 24

Unit 7: Kindness
Getting Started with Kindness – 25
Kindness Goes Around and Around: Part I – 26
Kindness Goes Around and Around: Part II – 27
Kindness Coupons – 28

Unit 8: Cooperation
Getting Started with Cooperation – 29
A Cooperative Game – 30
Stone Soup: Part I – 31
Stone Soup: Part II – 32

Unit 9: Responsibility
Getting Started with Responsibility – 33
A Book of Responsibilities – 34
Making Responsible Decisions – 35
What Happens When You’re Responsible? – 36

Unit 10: Honesty
Getting Started with Honesty – 37
What Would You Do? – 38
The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf – 39
Honest and Kind – 40

Unit 11: Courage
Getting Started with Courage – 41
What isn’t Courage? – 42
A True Story of Courage – 43
Who is Courageous? – 44

Unit 12: Conclusion
The ABC’s of Good Character: Part I – 45
The ABC’s of Good Character: Part II – 46
Character Trait Word Search – 47
Thanks (Certificate of Achievement) – 48

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