Reading Comprehension – Series Grade 3 by Hayes School Publishing – H-R173R

Grade 3 Reading Comprehension Activities

Read about two different people:

A. My friend A fixes things. Last week it was a radio, this week a clock. My friend also likes to read, mostly books about faraway places. A wants to go around the world some day. A is very helpful and can make a sad person feel happy.

B. My other friend B likes music. This friend sings and plays the drums in the school band. B reads often, mostly scary stories. I shiver whenever I hear one of my friend’s stories. Everyone in school says that B is the best story teller in town. This friend also tells riddles. I’ll bet B knows a hundred riddles that he can tell.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Put A in the blank below if someone said this about the friend in Story A. Put B if it was said about the friend in Story B:

  1. _ And then she told a story about China.
  2. _ I saw him in the parade. He plays well!
  3. _ He told me the one about four wheels and flies.
  4. _ His story gave me the chills!
  5. _ Ask your sister. I’m all thumbs with a hammer.
  6. _ She was miles away, dreaming about Africa.
  7. _ Well, you can’t have a Halloween party without him.
  8. _ Jerry made me feel better after we lost Tag.
  9. _ The neighbors go crazy when he practices.
  10. _ You can ask Jerry. She’s always willing to help.


Today our class got into a school bus and went to the airport. It took an hour to go from the school to the airport.

At the airport we saw many interesting things. First we saw the waiting room, which had a large window at one end. From the window we could watch planes land and take off. We watched for a long time.

Then we went up into a tall tower. It was called the control tower. We could see the whole airport from it. In the tower they tell the pilots what to do. They tell them which runway to use. The tower is busy day and night.

After we visited the tower, we ate with a pilot. She told us about planes and then took us into a real plane. We saw where the pilot sits and where the people sit. Then we had to leave. We thanked the pilot, got on the bus, and went home.

Tim wrote about the airport trip, but he got everything mixed up. Number his story in the right order. Put 1 on the thing that happened first. Put 2 on the next event and so on.

  • We had lunch. We arrived at the airport.
  • We went into a plane.
  • We saw the pilot’s seat.
  • We saw the control tower.
  • We saw the waiting room.
  • We went home.
  • We got into a bus.

Put a line under the words in the story that tell about time. One word is done for you.

Table of Contents

They Are Talking About Whom? (Main Idea/Characterization) – 1
A Trip to the Airport (Sequence/Time Relationships) – 2
Mary Poppins and Superman (Adverbial Phrases/Phrase Meaning) – 3
Grandma’s Trunk (Size Relationship/Alphabetical Order) – 4
Water, Water Everywhere (Main Idea/Reading for Details) – 5
What Happened to the Snow Fair? (Predicting Outcomes/Emotional Reaction of Characters) – 6
Home Run Nettie (Main Idea/Inferences) – 7
A Young Girl Long Ago (Main Idea/Details/Comparisons) – 8
The Wonderful Wheel (Main Idea/Summary/Inference) – 9
The Sun and the Wind (Main Idea/Details) – 10
Hats, Hats, Hats (Phrase Meaning/Inferences) – 11
Pick a Word (Sentence Meaning/Context/Silent e) – 12
Tim’s Tree (Main Idea/Noting Details/Inferences) – 13
How Would You Feel? (Main Idea/Empathy/Paragraph Meaning) – 14
How to Make Butter (Main Idea/Reading to Answer Specific Questions) – 15
Bits and Pieces (Part and Whole Relationships/Vocabulary Development) – 16
Drawing a Clown with Shapes (Following Directions/Phrase Meaning) – 17
A Paper Flower (Sequence/Following Directions/Reading Illustrations) – 18
Arthur’s Lake (Cause and Effect Relationships/Sentence Meaning/Context) – 19
A Joke? (Cause and Effect Relationships/Character Reaction/Inferences) – 20
A Night in the Barn (Main Idea/Drawing Conclusions/Context Clues) – 21
Why Didn’t I Think of That! (Reading to Answer Specific Questions) – 22
Help a Robot Please! (Antonyms/Sentence Meaning/Context Clues) – 23
Giggles and Sobs (Vocabulary Development/Context Clues/Synonyms) – 24
Write the Right Word (Vocabulary Development/Context Clues/Antonyms) – 25
How to Get From Here to There (Map Reading/Word Discrimination) – 26
Rainy Day Stories (Main Idea/Inference/Summary) – 27
What Is in the Box? (Main Idea/Inference/Summary) – 28
Word Parts (Compound Words/Syllables/Vocabulary Development) – 29
Children in Books (Main Idea/Reading to Answer Specific Questions) – 30
Silly Cow Poems (Rhymes/Word Meaning) – 31
Add a Word (Sentence Meaning/Context Clues/VocabularyDevelopment) – 32

Ducks in Chapter Two (Table of Contents/Classifying/Inference) – 33
What Did Jill Say? (Main Idea/Forecasting) – 34
Super Snack (Reading between the Lines/Main Idea/Details) – 35
David’s Homemade Dictionary (Alphabetical Order/Dictionary) – 36
Writing Guide Words (Guide Words/Alphabetical Order) – 37
Fat as a What? (Sentence Meaning/Context Clues/Imagery) – 38
Going Bananas (Idiomatic Expressions/Context) – 39
Snowballs (Main Idea/Sequence/Time Relationships) – 40
Kim Lee (Main Idea/Drawing Conclusions/Comparisons) – 41
Words, Words, Words (Main Idea/Reading to Answer Specific Questions) – 42
Stories and Poems (Literary Types/Classifying) – 43
Where Did They Sit? (Main Idea/Inference) – 44
The Same, Only Different (Main Idea/Details/Comparisons) – 45
A Day at the Fair (Main Idea/Reading for Details) – 46
Pick a Word (Prefix un-/Word and Sentence Meaning/Context) – 47
A Walk by the Lake (Main Idea/Plurals) – 48
The Moon Maybe! (Main Idea/Tense/Time Relationships) – 49
Who Did It? (Main Idea/Drawing Conclusions/Inferences) – 50
Mark’s Big Idea (Main Idea/Drawing Conclusions) – 51
Bigger Than a Pig? (Inflectional Endings/Word Meaning/Context) – 52
Real or Make Believe? (Distinguishing between Fact and Fiction/Classifying) – 53
City Birds (Main Idea/Details) – 54
Farm Birds (Main Idea/Details/Inferences) – 55
About the World Famous Me (Main Idea/Characterization/Inference) – 56
Up, Up and Away (Sequence) – 57
Look It Up! (Dictionary Entry/Meaning from Context) – 58
Make Me Laugh (Cause and Effect Relationships/Forecasting/Empathy) – 59
Off to the Big City (Main Idea/Inferences/Details) – 60
How to Make Alphabet Soup (Main Idea/Sequence/Following Directions) – 61
Teeth (Main Idea/Reading for Specific Details) – 62
Bad Luck Joe (Characterization/Main Idea) – 63
Our Animal Helpers (Main Idea/Details) – 64

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