Ten Best Friends A Guide to Character Development for Middle and Upper Students for Grade 5-8 by Hayes School Publishing – H-CE203R

Character Education for Grade 5-8

Going Down the Road

One day, a girl started down a road. She didn’t think about much of anything until she met a teacher going down the same road. “Where are you going?” asked the teacher. “To the future,” replied the girl. “What kind of a person will you be when you get there?” the teacher inquired. “I have no idea,” the girl answered. “Would you like some best friends to guide you?” asked the teacher. “Yes,” said the girl, “I could use some help!”

Perhaps you have felt like the girl in the story at times. Like her, you might like some help as you travel to the future. Ten best friends can guide you.

Positive Attitude

  1. List three of the companions on the lines below. Describe how each companion could assist you on the road to the future.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Ten Best Friends: Part I

With the help of the ten best friends, you can become the kind of person you want to be in the future. Read about what each companion can do for you. Then answer the questions.

  1. Positive attitude will help you face difficult situations and correct mistakes. How could you use a positive attitude to face a difficult challenge?
  2. Compassion will help you be aware of and relieve the suffering of others. How can you show compassion to people in your neighborhood?
  3. Cooperation will help you work with others as part of a team. How could you cooperate with someone else?
  4. Courage will help you take a stand for what is right. How can you be courageous?
  5. Honesty will help you be truthful. How can you be truthful at school?

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introduction
Going Down the Road – 1
Ten Best Friends: Part I – 2
Ten Best Friends: Part II – 3
The Road to the Future – 4

Unit 2: Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude – 5
Doing Your Best – 6
Humor Helps – 7
A Positive Attitude Experiment – 8

Unit 3: Compassion
Compassion – 9
A Compassionate Teacher – 10
Becoming Compassionate – 11
Compassionate Words – 12

Unit 4: Cooperation
Cooperation – 13
A Father and Three Sons – 14
Cooperative Pairs – 15
A Cooperative Game – 16

Unit 5: Courage
Courage – 17
What Courage Isn’t – 18
Rosa Parks: A Study in Courage: Part I – 19
Rosa Parks: A Study in Courage: Part II – 20

Unit 6: Honesty
Honesty – 21
What Should You Do? – 22
Honest Abe – 23
Mercury and the Honest Woodsman – 24

Unit 7: Tolerance
Tolerance – 25
Different, but the Same – 26
Words that Heal – 27
Pledge to Make a Difference – 28

Unit 8: Perseverance
Perseverance – 29
Dreams – 30
Setting a Goal – 31
The Tortoise and the Hare – 32

Unit 9: Respect
Respect – 33
Pure Pressure! – 34
Respecting Your Classmates – 35
The Respectful Times – 36

Unit 10: Responsibility
Responsibility – 37
Rights and Responsibilities – 38
Responsibilities and Consequences – 39
Taking on Responsibilities – 40

Unit 11: Leadership
Leadership – 41
Eleanor Roosevelt: Leader for Human Rights – 42
Becoming a Leader – 43
Leadership Action Plan – 44

Unit 12: Conclusion
An Action Collage – 45
Interview a Friend – 46
The Future You – 47
Certificate of Achievement – 48

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