Practice with a Purpose Easy Grammar Grades 2-3 by Practice & LearnRight Publications PLR4004

Beginning Grammar Resource Ideas and Practice

Skill: Common nouns

Common Nouns
Look at the rule. A common noun is any person, place, thing, or animal.
See what it looks like. Any person: boy, girl, man. Any place: park, bank, school. Any thing: cake, ice cream. Any animal: zebra, dog. Practice makes perfect. Annabel had a party at the park. She invited many friends. Color all the common nouns.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Reproducible – Common nouns

Look at the rule. A common noun is any person, place, thing, or animal. See what it looks like. The boy liked to play baseball in the park. Practice makes perfect. Read the story. Circle each noun.

The Telephone
Faye liked to talk on the telephone. She liked to talk in the yard, on the playground, or in Fido’s doghouse! One day the phone rang. “It must be one of my friends,” said Faye to herself. The phone was nowhere to be found. Where could it be? Look below. Where was the phone? Write a sentence with the answer.

The phone was______________________________________.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Teachers – 3-4
Step-by-Step to Grammar Excellence – 5-8
Introduction to Nouns – 9-10
Common Nouns (Student pages) – 11-12
Proper Nouns (Student pages) – 13-14
“One and Only” Nouns (Student page) – 15
“More Than One” Nouns (Student page) – 16
Introduction to Verbs – 17
Verbs (Student pages) – 18-20
Linking Verbs (Student pages) – 21-22
Introduction to Tense – 23
Present Tense Verbs (Student page) – 24
Past Tense Verbs (Student page) – 25
Irregular Verbs (Student page) – 26
Irregular Past Tense Verbs (Student page) – 27
Introduction to Adjectives – 28
Adjectives (Student page) – 29
Gameboard – 30-32
Adjectives (Student page) – 33
Adjectives Can Compare(Student page) – 34
All Kinds of Adjectives (Student page) – 35
I Can’t Describe It! (Student Reader) – 36-37
“Just Right” Adjectives (Student page) – 38
Introduction to Adverbs – 39

Adverbs (Student pages) – 40-41
Introduction to Articles – 42
Articles (Student pages) – 43-44
Introduction to Subjects and Predicates – 45
Subjects (Student page) – 46
Predicates (Student page) – 47
Introduction to Compound Subjects and Predicates – 48
Compound Subjects (Student page) – 49
Compound Predicates (Student page) – 50
Introduction to Pronouns – 51
Pronouns (Student page) – 52
Object Pronouns (Student page) – 53
The Great Adventure (Student Reader) – 54-55
Contractions (Student page) – 56
Contractions (Student page) – 57
Introduction to Possessive Nouns – 58
Pronouns (Student page) – 59
Plural Nouns (Student page) – 60
Possessive Pronouns (Student page) – 61
Subjects and Verbs Agree (Student page) – 62
Helping Verbs (Student page) – 63
Future Tense Verbs (Student page) – 64


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