Mr. Pencil’s ABC’s Activity – FST009 Theme Teacher Guide by Frog Street Press

ABC’s Activity Teacher Guide

Reading: Fluency/Oral Language/Vocabulary/Text Comprehension
Spark students interest in the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds by inviting them to be members of your BREAKFAST CLUB! Allow students to enjoy a bowl of alphabet cereal while you use Alphabet Poster Pals as flash cards. Introduce each character, and play the “Mr. Pencil’s ABC’s” song while the students march to the circle.

After singing the song, show the students the big book and take a book walk. Briefly choose a skill/concept to emphasize. “I notice the children in this story used good manners by thanking Mr. P at the end of the story!” “Who do you think Mr. P is?” “What do you notice about this book?”

Ask the students the questions in the back of the book. Be sure to ask students for evidence to support their answers. “Wow, how did you know that answer?” Review the book and have students show evidence.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Play the “Mr. Pencil’s ABC’s” song for the students to march back to their tables. Have the students ask their parents or guardians to help find one item around the house beginning with the same first letter and sound as the letter in the students’ names. (Ex: Greg’s grapes, Catherine’s cap, etc.)

Language Development: Oral Language/Vocabulary
Give a magnetic letter to each child. Play “Alphabet Hokey Pokey.”
Substitute the original lines with the following:
Put letters with straight lines, in… out.
Put letters with curves, in… out.
Put letters that make the / / sound, in… out.
Put the letter _, in… out.
Put letters with slanted lines, in… out.

Word Work: Phonological/Phonemic Awareness/Phonics
Write the uppercase letters from top to bottom on one side of a chart. Provide students with newspapers, magazines, Sunday flyers and ask students to cut environmental print matching the letter. Students glue word next to letter.

Writing: Shared/Independent Writing/Text Comprehension
Create a class alphabet book. Distribute a piece of paper with the controlled sentence: _ is for __. Students draw a picture starting with the letter. Teacher or student completes the sentence. Depending on your class size, some students may make two pages for the book.

Literacy Centers: Independent Reading/Fluency/Text
Display the environment print ABC chart for students to read independently or with a peer. This can be considered a beginning word wall.

Students will be able to:
• identify letters and describe their shapes.


• Participate in music and movement
• Listen for a purpose
• Repeat rhymes, poems and finger plays

• Plastic letters
• Chart paper
• Magazines, newspapers, flyers

Teacher Tips:
Class books may be taken home to share with families. Establish a system for allowing children to take books home. This will reinforce children are authors and illustrators.

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