More Fun with Paragraph Writing by EDUPRESS, INC. – EP-2165

More Fun with Paragraph Writing

Animals & Insects – Related Studies and Activities
Encourage students to explore individual topics on their own, using the related studies and suggested activities listed below.

Pet Pals
Related Studies: Veterinarians • House Pets • Pet Care • Pet Training
Activity: Have a pet-sharing day. Invite students to bring pictures and share stories about their pets.

Related Studies: Prehistoric Era • Fossils • Lizards • Meat & Plant Eaters
Activity: Make a model of a dinosaur.

Creepy, Crawly Creatures
Related Studies: Insects • Spiders • Butterflies • Metamorphosis
Activity: Go on a walk to look for insects and other crawling creatures.

Related Studies: Endangered Animals • Animal Habitats • Penguins
Activity: Cut plastic bottles in half to make bird feeders.

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

Related Studies: Predator/Prey • Crocodiles • Deserts • Jungles • Lizards
Activity: Stuff Dad’s old tie to make a colorful snake to write about.

Frog Fun
Related Studies: Toads • Animal Habitats • Amphibians • Reptiles
Activity: Find out how far frogs can jump, then have a jumping contest.

The Zoo
Related Studies: Zoo Careers • Animal Habitats • Endangered Species
Activity: Work cooperatively to create dioramas showing animals in their zoo habitats.

Related Studies: Antarctica • Adaptation • Birds • Habitats
Activity: Form cooperative groups to research and report on different penguin species.

Endangered Animals
Related Studies: Rain Forest • Conservation • Ecology • Ocean Life
Activity: Add articles and stories to a classroom scrapbook of endangered species.


Describe a pet that you own or Pals one you would like to have.

List what you do to care for your pet.

Write a sentence telling something that is funny, different, or special about your pet.

Would you want to be your pet? Write a paragraph explaining why or why not.


Which is your favorite dinosaur? Why?

If you could ask a dinosaur two questions, what would they be?

List two facts you know about dinosaurs. (Use a reference book for help if you need to.)

Write a paragraph about what it would be like to have a pet dinosaur.

Table of Contents – More Fun with Paragraph Writing by EDUPRESS, INC. – EP-165 ISBN 1-56472-165-5

Animals & Insects
3 Related Studies and Activities
4 Pet Pals
5 Dinosaurs

6 Creepy, Crawly Creatures
7 Birds
8 Snakes
9 Frog Fun
10 The Zoo
11 Penguins
12 Endangered Animals

Land, Sea & Sky
13 Related Studies and Activities
14 Cactus & Camels
15 Planets
16 Rain Forest
17 Clouds
18 Water
19 Ecology
20 The Sun
21 Volcanoes
22 Plants
23 The Ocean
24 Whales
25 Storms

Technology & Science Fiction
26 Related Studies and Activities
27 Robots
28 Inventions
29 Space Daily News
30 Monsters
31 Balloons
32 Scientists
33 Computers

Human Body
34 Related Studies and Activities
35 Food
36 Your Five Senses
37 Old Bones

Numbers, Calculations & Money
38 Related Studies and Activities
39 One Dozen
40 Millions & Zillions
41 Codes & Ciphers
42 Found Money
43 Shopping
44 Earning Money
45 Buried Treasure
46 Millionaires

Shapes & Sizes
47 Related Studies and Activities
48 Odd Couples
49 Tall & Small
50 Long Things
51 Heavy Things
52 Round Food
53 Shapes

Measurement & Statistics
54 Related Studies and Activities
55 Temperature
56 Time Travel
57 Generations
58 Incredible Journeys
59 Schedules
60 Clocks
61 Records & Record Setters
62 Racing
63 Sport Scores
64 Baseball

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