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This game center is ideal for teaching a variety of subjects in engaging and fun ways that are sure to capture students’ attention.

Use these TREND products:
T-30101 Presentation Board (36″ x 46″)
T-8220 Palm Tree Bulletin Board Set
T-85087 Jungle Fun Bolder Borders®
T-10069 Linking Bananas Classic Accents®
T-10818 Monkeys and Bananas
T-76301 Word Monkeys™
T-38080 Multiplication Learning Chart, or T-38079
Addition Learning Chart (optional)

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity

You’ll also need:
• 3 dice
• Hook-n-loop tape
• Adhesive cup hooks
• Nylon binder pouch
• Permanent marker
• Fadeless paper
• Brass fastener(s)
• Hole punch & sissors
• Double-stick tape

Assembly directions:

  1. Adhere yellow fadeless paper to the presentation board using double-stick tape or glue.
  2. Trim the edges of the board with the Jungle Fun Bolder Borders® and adhere with glue or double-stick tape.
  3. Use one tree stump and three palms from the Palm Tree Bulletin Board set. Overlap the four items and punch a hole in the center of them. Attach a brass fastener to keep items in place. Glue the palm tree to the center of the presentation board.
  4. Attach 2 cup hooks at the top of the palm tree and on each side panel.
  5. Attach hook-n-loop tape to the center of the tree trunk (game board).
  6. Attach coconuts to the start positions of each trunk.
  7. Include supplies and game instructions inside each binder pouch and hang them on hooks.
  8. Glue the multiplication Learning Chart and/or Addition Learning Chart on the back for easy reference.

Choose from these fun games

Gecko Grammar (Language Arts)


  1. Using TREND’s Linking Bananas Classic Accents®, write a variety of common nouns on each banana. (Include answer key inside binder pouch.)
  2. Use Gecko Classic Accents® as game markers.
  3. Inside each binder pouch, include the following: bananas, answer sheet, 1 die, pencils, and scratch paper.

Game Play:

  1. Shuffle the bananas and place in a pile face down.
  2. The first player rolls the die and flips over a banana. Follow these directions for each rolled
    Roll 1 or 4: spell the plural form of the noun
    Roll 2 or 5: spell the singular possessive form of the noun.
    Roll 3 or 6: spell the plural possessive form of the noun
  3. If the word is spelled correctly, the player moves his or her gecko up the tree one notch.
  4. The next player repeats the steps listed above.
  5. The first player to move his or her coconut up and down the tree wins!

Monkey Mambo (Language Arts)


  1. Use Monkeys and Bananas Mini Accents Variety Packs for game markers.
  2. Hang four coconuts on each team’s cup hook, near the top of the tree.
  3. Inside the binder pouch, include Word Monkeys™ cards and game directions, and game markers.

Game Play:

  1. Each player chooses a game marker.
  2. Read the Word Monkeys™ game directions (do not play for points).
  3. Play the Word Monkeys™ game as instructed. For each word spelled correctly, climb up the palm tree one notch.
  4. Players attempt to knock off the other team’s coconuts, once they reach the top of the palm tree.
  5. The first team to knock off the other team’s coconuts and climb back down the tree wins!

Banana Bamboozle (Math)


  1. Write number values on the back of 20 Linking Banana Classic Accents®.
  2. Punch holes at the top of each banana and hang them from hooks on the palm tree.

Game Play:

  1. Player #1 rolls the die.
  2. Climb the tree the number of spaces on the die. If a 6 is rolled, you may climb to the top and take the top banana off the hook.
  3. Player #2 repeats.
  4. Players continue until all bananas are gathered.
  5. Add the values on the back of each banana. The player with the highest sum wins!

Game Variation:
Depending on the skills taught, teachers may encourage students to multiply the factors on the back of each banana or add the values of each, and then divide the total number of bananas with the sum to get the final score.

Capture the Coconut (Math)


  1. Hang one coconut on each team hook.
  2. Use the Groovy Geckos Classic Accents® as game markers.
  3. Include scratch paper and pencil for adding or multiplying.
  4. Display TREND’s Addition chart (T-38079) or TREND’s Multiplication chart (T-38080) depending on the skill you want students to review.

Game Play:

  1. Player #1 rolls the die twice and records each number.
  2. Add or Multiply the two numbers together. Compare your answer to the Addition or Multiplication chart.
  3. If the sum or the product is correct, advance one space on the tree trunk.
  4. Player #2 repeats the steps above.
  5. The first player or team to get the team coconut and back down the trunk again wins!

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