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Short Vowel Hop File Folder Game

Use these TREND products:
T-10572 Mini Lily Pad Mini Accents
T-10065 Lily Pad Classic Accents®
T-85042 Frog Pond Bolder Borders®
T-10807 Frogs Mini Accents Variety Pack

You’ll also need:
Two file folders
Double-sided tape
Hook-and-loop tape or dots

WORKSHEET & Sample PDF Activity

Sample PDF Activity


  1. Tape the file folders together using double-sided tape.
  2. On the inside of the folder, tape several mini lily pads in a path design. Write “Start” on the first lily pad at left. Write short vowel sounds on the rest. Attach small pieces of hook-and-loop (loop side) to the bottom of each.
  3. Tape one large lily pad at the end of the mini lily pad path, and decorate as shown to create “home.”
  4. Create four frog playing pieces by writing “Player 1,” etc. on each.
  5. Write words on the remaining frogs, some with short vowel sounds and some with long vowel sounds. Attach hook-and-loop tape (hook side) to the back of each.
  6. Fold one large lily pad accent in half. Tape the edges and attach this to the front of another large lily pad to create a storage pouch for the frogs. Attach this pouch to the outside of the folder.
  7. Decorate the outside of the folder with the border as shown.

Game Directions
Object: Find your way home through the lily pad maze by knowing your short vowel sounds.

  1. Decide who plays first. Each player begins on the “Start” lily pad.
  2. From the pile of word frogs, the first player pulls the top word from the deck.
  3. The player reads the word and identifies if it is a short vowel sound or a long vowel sound. If it is a short vowel sound, the player may hop their playing piece to the corresponding short vowel listed on the pad. If it is a long vowel sound, the player misses a turn.
  4. The first player that gets to the “home” lily pad wins!

Pack Up a Word File Folder Game

Use these TREND products:
T-10062 Backpack Classic Accents®
T-10569 Mini Backpack Mini Accents
T-92125 Tie-Dye Terrific Trimmers®
T-83021 School’s In Stinky Stickers®

You’ll also need:
Mini clothespins
Two file folders
List of age-appropriate compound words


  1. Tape the file folders together using double-sided tape.
  2. Using a blade knife, score each large backpack accent in two places to allow mini backpacks to be inserted by players. Attach the large backpacks to the file folders using double-stick tape.
  3. Decorate the back of the file-folder game using the trimmer. Write a series of compound words along the edge of the trimmer, separated by stickers.
  4. Continuing on the back, use yarn to string along one side of the folder to the other side of the folder. Use the mini clothespins to hang the Mini Backpack Mini Accents.
  5. On each large Backpack, write a compound word. On each Mini Backpack, write each word that makes up the compound word.

Game Directions
Object: To correctly identify the two words that makeup one compound word.

Students can work independently or with partners. Invite them to read each word on the Mini Backpack and find the appropriate matches on the large Backpacks.

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