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The Atlantis Globe

A truly unique 12" diameter physical globe. This special map has raised and indented relief. Land areas are in true-to-life colors to illustrate mountains, deserts, forests and grasslands. Oceans show...


Map Skills for Today: Grade 1

Start your first graders on the road to geography success with the exciting map skills book made just for them! Map Skills for Today includes: • 48 pages of engaging, developmentally appropriate geog...


Mysteries in History: Ancient History

Who invented the alphabet? Is the lost city of Atlantis a legend? Was there really a Trojan horse? Challenge students to explore several important unexplained events that helped shape history. Student...


GeoSafari® Talking Globe®

You are embarking on a great adventure—a trip to countries around the world, to the summits of the highest mountains, down the longest rivers, to landlocked nations, and to sun-drenched islands—all wi...


Hemispheres Blue Ocean Series USA Laminated Wall Map, 38" x 48"

This popular Hemispheres United States map is laminated, measures 38" x 48" and is widely used. It shows capitals, cities, populations, and major interstates...


Careers Curriculum, Essential Skills for the Real World of Work

There's no other book that does a better job of sharing essential skills for the real business world, and explaining why they are essential! This book dishes out the subtleties, nuances, and in-betwee...


World Map, Laminated Poster, 50" x 32"

Detailed topography actual image of Earth's surface. Features labeled countries, cities, and areas of interest. City type size is based on population. Attractive and stylish design. High-quality, non-...


U.S. History Puzzles

Students will love to learn about significant events in American history with this fun puzzle workbook! From Columbus' discovery of the New World to the end of the Cold War, U.S. History Puzzles pres...


Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction Book

Focusing on the history of slavery in the United States and how slavery became a social and economic institution, Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction explores the significant events and people that...


Notepad, Labeled World Practice Map

30 sheets per package and is approx. 9" x 16" each. This multi-use notepad is an excellent learning tool. It is great for drill & practice, learning games, and quick quizzes. Laminate and make place-m...


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