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Designed with busy teachers in mind, these art integration kits include pre-prepped materials and detailed instructions to deliver 3 lessons to 30 students. The hands-on activities help improve tested...


Math for College and Career Readiness, Grade 6

Promote success in the classroom and beyond with real-world math practice. Math for College and Career Readiness for grade 6 provides background information for specific careers and offers essential p...


Number Pads - 0-20

These flexible, plastic, numbered squares are a fun way for children to learn numbers, as well as learning number sequence and counting. Combining physical play with learning outcomes is a proven way ...


Cooperative Learning & Mathematics High School Activities Book, Grade 8-12

Finally. A cooperative learning book specifically for high school mathematics teachers. Includes a rich array of activities for all levels of high school mathematics. You receive half a dozen Kagan co...


Math Die-Cut Magnets, U.S. Coins

Die-cut magnetic US currency features a real-look, great for basic money counting, sorting, grouping, and making change. Pieces punch out from an 8.5" x 11" magnetic sheet. Great for use on magnetic w...


Soft Foam Geometric Shapes Set, 12/pkg

Geometric shapes made of quiet Hands-On Soft™ foam. Shapes come in three colors and measure 2- 3. Set of 12 includes: cones, sphere, hemisphere, cube, cylinders, pyramid, prisms, rectangular solid sha...


Shape Link Activity Set, 360 Piece Set

Build attribute chains in three shapes and six colors with this giant 360 piece set of links in 3 shapes, 6 colors and 20 double-sided activity cards in a sturdy container. Great for counting and sort...


All About Me Family Counters™, Set of 72

Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulatives! Help young children learn all about themselves and their families. Also great for counting, sorting and patterning. Set of 72 counters come in 6 dif...


U.S. Currency

Use for bulletin boards, math aids, lesson displays, story starters and more. Printed both sides on heavy coated stock. Great for teaching about money and making change, or for use as classroom decora...


Bank Account Math

A really practical application of math. Each book includes activities such as reading comprehension, filling out forms, using a glossary, and answering math word problems. The multi-step word problems...


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