Zoobdude Dudemaker Kit 75 Pcs

Create your own ZOOBDude™ adventures with the ZOOBDude DudeMaker™ Kit. This kit combines all three of our ZOOBDudes into one set, so kids can follow our instructions or mix and match to create their own ZOOBDudes that really work—climbing up the line, squirting water from the hose, and gliding safely to earth. Young builders can use the wheels to create a RoboRollerDude or build a rescue vehicle with a winch, like a helicopter, boat, or ATV. ZOOBDudes' heads and helmets move, and ZOOB pieces do too--so kids can slide, rotate, twist, spin, and pose their ZOOBDudes and ZOOBDude Rescue Vehicles. Kids snap them together, take them apart, rebuild them, and design their own creations . . . over and over again. This set includes 68 loose ZOOB pieces, 3 backpacks with attached ZOOB pieces and working accessories (fire hose, grappling hook, and parachute), 4 wheels with tires that are notched to work like gears, 4 ZOOBDude heads with attached ZOOB pieces, 4 pose-able ZOOBDude helmets, and 5 instruction guides.
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