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ZOOB is a building set with a difference - ;the pieces move after kids put them together. So kids can play with their creations, instead of just looking at them.

ZOOB JR. provides ZOOB's award-winning creative play with softer pieces designed for young children. ZOOB JR. pieces are made with a special memory material that flexes and goes back to its original shape, so they bend, move, and snap together snugly. And just like ZOOB, ZOOB JR.'s open-ended versatility lets kids build anything they want to build as it sparks young imaginations.

* Large pieces make big creations
* Flexible pieces make easy connections
* Great for boys and girls
* Lifetime guarantee on every ZOOB JR. piece
* Large pieces are perfect for little hands

The ZOOB JR. 30 features 30 ZOOB JR. pieces, all the instructions from the ZOOB JR. 15, plus instructions for 8 additional creations, including:

* Chicken
* Dragonfly
* ZOOB JR. Dude
* Flower
* Helicopter
* Primo
* Scorpion
* ZOOBot

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