• Yackle Ball Jr. Black & White

Yackle Ball Jr. Black & White

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Yackle Ball Jr. starts your child off right. Staring at 2 years old when a child is first learning to big ball catch, to playing educational games that are fun and safe. The ball has many amazing benefits but what stands out the most are the TOP 3...

SOFTNESS - ; Because the ball is soft Yackle Ball Jr. is safe and it eliminates the Fear Factor in children. Children are not born with fear, they learn it. Yackle Ball Jr. allows a child to learn to catch without getting hurt and it's also a wonderful tool for tactile stimulation.

Confidence - That brings us into the SHAPE of the ball... it is shaped like an X so that the ball hugs the child back when they learn to catch. Where round balls fall through a beginner's hug catch, Yackle Balls "arms" make it easy to catch. Those same qualities make it user-friendly for children with developmental delays or physical disabilities. Think about it, most children wrap their arms out and a traditional ball will fall through, which means the child failed to catch it and so it breaks down her or his confidence. With Yackle Ball Jr. it will hug them back and so they learn how to catch!

Ok, now for the most important benefit

FUN - ; If a ball isn't fun, the kids will drop it like a hot potato and move on to something else! Children want to have fun but they need an activity that is challenging enough to keep their interest yet easy enough that they don't get frustrated! Yackle Ball Jr. has games that are educational, stimulating and energetic! The children LOVE it! The parents and Teachers LOVE it! And we are sure that you will LOVE it too!
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