• Work Together Maze Racer

Work Together Maze Racer

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Age 5-15

Exercise your brain! Develop motor functions, increase communication skills, and reinforce group problem solving abilities while having fun! Each kit comes with three complete Maze Racers. Snap them together and insert a dry erase marker, pen or paint brush (not included). Attach the cords and groups of up to 6 children per Maze Racer can work together to create art, navigate through mazes or play games. Additional children can call out instructions to the team, so no matter what size your class is, the Maze Racer will work perfectly! Each kit comes with reproducible work sheets and a special web link for additional resources. The parts fit easily together and can accommodate a range of pens, pencils, paint brushes and dry-erase markers. Assembled Maze Racer is 5 1/2 x 2" (14 x 5 cm). Cords are 30" (75 cm). Includes teacher guide. 3 complete maze racer sets.
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