Whisperphone Solo Gr K-4

EDUCATIONAL TOOL, WHISPERPHONE, ACCELERATES LEARNINGWhisperPhone® is a hands-free, acoustical headset that helps children and adults focus and hear the individual sounds of words more clearly as they learn to read, spell and process language aloud. This hands-free, acoustical voice-feedback headset helps children hear phonemes, the sounds that compose words. Phonemic awareness is a key predictor of literacy success, according to the National Reading Panel.Reading has a strong auditory foundation. That is why students learning to read "sound-it-out" and read aloud. A 2003 test conducted by two universities showed the signal-to-noise ratio increased 10-fold with the use of WhisperPhone. This means that students hear their own voices 10 times more clearly against background noise than they normally would.WhisperPhone is proven to help students with reading, writing, spelling, learning a new language, memorizing, concentrating, discovering a singing voice and memorizing lines for theater. This tool is great for all activities that require increased comprehension and concentration.- Title I and Reading First funds qualified- Dishwasher safe - Reversible - Battery free- Covered by lifetime guaranteeProduct is recommended for children five years of age or older. Small fits grades K-4
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