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Wedgits Class-Pak

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This WEDGiTS Classroom kit consists of six, 15-piece sets of WEDGiTS, a Parent/Teacher Activity Guide and a Deck of Design Cards. Each 15-piece set is a solid color that supports participation and sharing activities. Solid colored WEDGiTS sets also support curriculum activities that require verbal instruction as compared to design replication.

The set of WEDGITS Design Cards and a WEDGITS Jumping Frog design poster are included to support structured classroom activities in size, shape and design recognition. The design cards segment 15-piece construction ideas into graduated building levels. This allows the teacher to assess each child's reasoning and manipulative skills. The front side of each Design Card offers a color rendering of the design while the back side offers a black and white rendering (along with a quantity and size reference for each block required). This allows for peer-to-peer verbal building instruction.

The Parent/Teacher Activity Guide provides measurement concepts, size and shape associations with an entire reproducible section for on-going projects used in the Classroom each year.

WEDGiTS..build your mind
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