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Protect Young Ears With Safety Fones
The popularity of MP3 players and gaming systems continues to grow at geometric rates, and so to does the potential of permanent hearing loss to children who use them. Many headphones produce unsafe listening levels of 100 decibels and above, which can cause permanent hearing loss. Control a child's headphone listening levels with Safety Fones. Safety Fones limit volume levels to a safe 85 decibels to protect young ears from potentially serious hearing loss.Safety Fones Features:

* Specially engineered to help prevent sound-induced hearing loss
* Comfortably designed for kids and teens to listen to music, video and gaming systems
* Soft earpads ensure safety and surrounding noise audibility
* Sits outside the ear so no small parts enter ear canal
* Lightweight & Comfortable
* Available styles include foldable headphones and earbuds
* Adjustable headband made for extended wear or travel
* Available in Blue, Black, Pink, White
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