• Uthini/Mancala Game Unavailable Indefinitely 07-26-05

Uthini/Mancala Game Unavailable Indefinitely 07-26-05

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This beautifully carved wooden game board includes the ancient African game of Mancala, and a modern, straight-ahead gammon game. Simple to learn yet difficult to master, Uthini? (Swahili for 'pardon?) can be played by either two players or two teams of players, the strategy being to move all your gemstones to the opposite side of the board according to the throw of two dice while attacking and avoiding attack by your opponent. Pieces can be moved sideways, but each square moved is counted, so beware! African animals on two sides of the base form a link between an Egyptian scene on one end and Cape Town, South Africa on the other. Glass beads are used in both games and can be stored underneath the board.
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