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Unifix Blends Activity Kit

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A new and innovative AWARD WINNING environmental science kit (2008 Bioplastics Award) for teachers and pupils to conduct experiments! Used to demonstrate materials bio-degrading in testing media and liquids of their choice (not supplied).

The kit contains 6 specially designed containers, 6 clip frames, 6 open cage frames and 6 closed cage frames to hold the materials in place. In addition the kit includes 6 each of Copper, Aluminum and Tin T sections, 6 cardboard T sections, 6 hot and cold water soluble plastics T sections and rapid-degrading film samples to experiment with.

A teacher's guide with detailed instructions, explanations, and experiment suggestions is provided. Pupils should be encouraged to bring their own materials to conduct experiments and observe and record the amount, and rate of degrading over time, in differing testing media and liquids.

The Biodegradability Kit has been designed to support the teaching of geography and science and encourage discussion on sustainability and environmental "green" issues. By DIDAX
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