• Underground To Canada Lit Link Gr 4-6

Underground To Canada Lit Link Gr 4-6

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Julilly is a young girl, and a slave. She lives on a cotton plantation in Virginia until she's sold and taken to Mississippi, where the food is scarce and the slave boss is very mean. She befriends Liza, a girl who is badly crippled from her beatings and the two decide to escapeto a country they've heard about where slaves are free: Canada. When a white man from Canada arrives and secretly gives them information about how to make the trip, the plan is sealed. Four slaves run away, two are caught. Liza and Julilly are helped many times by a group of people that are known as the Underground Railroad, transporting "packages" safely across the border. Will Liza and Julilly escape the slave hunters and bloodhounds that are tracking them down to reach a place where they can hold their heads up high? 64 pages.
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