• Twist Flexible Digital Microscope

Twist Flexible Digital Microscope

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Unique, easy-to-use digital microscope captures high-quality images (10 to 200x magnification) and bends to allow teachers and students to view even hard-to-see objects! Built-in camera and microphone enable students to record and describe their investigations and inquires, then download them to a PC. Use with your interactive whiteboard, projector or PC to encourage class demonstration or individual exploration. Charges and downloads via computer USB port.

- Connects easily to a computer or interactive whiteboard
- 10 to 200x magnification
- Does not require purchase of batteries
- Provides high-quality images that captivate students
- Positions easily to view even hard-to-see objects
- Investigate items previously impossible to look at through traditional digital microscopes
- Encourages discovery -- students can explore an object with both hands
- Illuminates dark settings or objects
- Allows students to record and describe their investigations and inquiries
- Is ideal for assessment and boosts students' 21st-century skills
- Download to your computer or upload to your class website, virtual learning network or assessment files
- Designed for ease of use by primary and secondary students, and busy teachers
- Transports easily from one side of the classroom to another
- Provides a steady image
- Includes measurement software so students can make accurate measurements and add dimensions to captured images
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