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The Turtle Kiddy Bus makes children want to go for lots of outdoor rides, no matter what the weather is like. The robust design overlooks nothing - ; everything has been carefully considered for both children and the driver. With the Turtle Kiddy Bus, the Winther focus on safety and durability has been combined with lots of practical details, plus - ; of course - ; the freedom to do the things that children enjoy most.The Turtle Kiddy Bus has room for four children aged 0-5 years, a great advantage for people who provide child care services. It is also extremely useful for outings to places like fun parks, theme parks and zoological gardens. Easy to push - ; and steer. Four children and their gear make quite a load, so Winther has focused on the ergonomics of maneuvering the Kiddy Bus around. The handle can be adjusted to the most comfortable height, and the wheels are mounted in ball bearings so that they turn easily. You do not need to lift the bus to turn corners, as the front wheels simply swivel as required. For the children's safety, the rear wheels are fitted with sturdy brakes, and the bus comes to a standstill as soon as you release your grip on the brake. Punctures are never a worry because of the solid tires, and the extensive use of aluminum and plastic means the Kiddy Bus is light in weight - ; and also rustproof. Children can get in and out of the Kiddy Bus through the side doors just like a real bus. Younger children really love this feature, and it means adults avoid the risk of back injury associated with heavy lifting. Slightly older children can walk alongside holding on to the straps. The Turtle Kiddy Bus has four comfortable seats with washable upholstery and seat belts. If it starts to rain or get windy, there are two hoods that can be raised to seal off the interior and protect children from the elements. These hoods are not only rainproof, but also reflect the heat when it gets too hot.
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