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Turbo Twist Math

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Age : 6 years and up

Skills : addition subtraction multiplication division fractions percentages decimals word problems

Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, decimals and word problems-with fun, interactive graphics and sound effects
Download new math problems tailored to your child's grade level from the LeapFrog website, using the Mind Station connector

What is it?
This musical and mathematical learning machine puts a whole new twist on learning math. Twist to a game mode, jam to a musical beat, then "hit it" to answer. And, it's Internet-expandable! Download thousands of new math problems from the LeapFrog website with a membership to the Never-Ending Learning Club.

What does it do?
Helps your child solve problems like a math whiz with 4 fun-filled games
Adjusts continually to keep your child mastering the next level of learning
Expands and upgrades with a membership to the LeapFrog Never-Ending Learning Club-access to additional downloadable problems and our curriculum-based program.

2000 Winner (Educational Category), The Great American Toy Test
2000 Winner, Parents Magazine
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